Monday, February 13, 2012

Entering into The Age of Darkness with Dr. Francis Boyle

TheAlexJonesChannel | Feb 11, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts - Will Iran Be Attacked?

A must watch video. Dr Roberts discusses the Iranian & Syrian wars and economic indicators in the USA, including an excellent breakdown on how the US corrupts GDP and Inflation stats.

I you watch no other video on this blog this week please catch this one.

TheAlexJonesChannel | Feb 9, 2012

EU should drop Euro

PressTVGlobalNews on Feb 11, 201

European ACTA protests

PressTVGlobalNews on Feb 12, 2012

US uses al-CIAda as enemy and ally

PressTVGlobalNews on Feb 12, 2012

US war with Iran around the corner?

RTAmerica on Feb 8, 2012

on Feb 7, 2012

USA droning on

RTAmerica on Feb 9, 2012

Athens on fire as mass protest turns violent

So sad, this could have all been avoided if they had used commodity based money instead of Fiat trash.

RussiaToday on Feb 12, 2012