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Bob Chapman - Obama's Deliberate Destruction of America

From: TheAlexJonesChannel  | Sep 30, 2011

Tired to Debt: Greece burning the bill

From: RussiaToday  | Sep 30, 2011

BBC's 'Goldman Sachs Rules' eye opener

From: RussiaToday  | Sep 29, 2011  
Mainstream media is thrown into a tailspin after an independent trader tells the BBC how the world of big money and politics looks from the inside. Here's our report from Washington on why this was such an eye opener.

and this is the interview they are discussing:

Killer Zombie Banks

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Only silver bullets can drop the vampire squids and zombie banks


US State Dept bans free speech

From: RTAmerica  | Sep 30, 2011 
Peter Van Buren has become one of the newest targets of the US Department of State. What did he do? He blogged. Van Buren posted a link to a publically available WikiLeaks diplomatic cable, but even after nearly a quarter of a century with the US government, they are opening up an investigation on him. Following the release of a new book from Van Buren, he talks to Lauren Lyster about what you can and can't say in the land of the free.

Stimulating the Economy without Bailouts

This story has laughs on so many levels, my favourite though: "Sex toy parties provide better job security than IBM"

From: RTAmerica  | Sep 30, 2011


All Empires end with free Bread and Carneyvals

From: AssociatedPress  | Sep 30, 2011 
White House press secretary Jay Carney refused to offer evidence of Anwar al-Awlaki's role in terrorism or answer questions about the circumstances of his death. An American citizen, al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen early Friday.

From: RTAmerica  | Sep 30, 2011

A drone strike over Yemen today killed two al-Qaeda operatives that were born in America. President Obama authorized the executions, but neither man was ever charged with a crime or given a trial. Can the CIA bypass the constitution to do as they wish? Jeremy Scahill of The National weighs in.

Sarkozy: Europe "morally obliged" to help Greece

From: Euronews  | Sep 30, 2011

Clarke and Dawe - Injury-free going into the weekend

From: ClarkeAndDawe  | Sep 28, 2011

Afghanistan - Where Empires go to Die

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