Sunday, September 11, 2011

Listening Post - 9/11: When truth became a casualty of war

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Sep 10, 2011

In a series of interviews with journalists and media commentators, we look back at the 9/11 attacks and the impact on the media landscape.

Frost Over the World - Ten years after 9/11

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Sep 10, 2011

Frost Over the World looks back at the 9/11 attacks and how they have changed global security. Plus, a look at the upcoming UN vote on whether Palestine should be recognised as a state.

Empty China

This is a followup post to the issue of Empty China and Exploding China.

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Sep 9, 2011

Despite high inflation levels, China's economy is the world's second largest.

And as it continues to grow, so too do the building projects. Investors see them as a safe bet to place their money.

Al Jazeera's Melissa Chan has this report from Ordos, a wealthy coal-mining town in Inner Mongolia, originally designed to house one million people, yet hardly anyone lives there

From: Euronews | Sep 9, 2011

Inflation in China pulled back in August. It was 6.2 percent compared with the same month last year. In July it reach a three-year high of 6.5 percent.

Greeks take to the streets in new wave of strikes

From: Euronews | Sep 10, 2011

Greek Cafes and restaurants closed their doors on Saturday in protest over a 10-point rise in VAT.

The Bilderberg group, the Press & 9/11

From: SGTbull07 | Sep 9, 2011

A in-depth interview with Andrew Gavin Marshall, researcher and contributor to We discuss Golbalization, the Bilderberg Group, the Controlled Media and 9/11.

Andrew's interview with Jim Puplava:

On The Edge - Pegging Franc to Euro

by on Sep 10, 2011

In this edition of On the Edge, Max Keiser interviews Karl Donninger from

He talks about the Swiss central bank's move to peg the franc to the euro in order to lower the value of the Swiss franc.

Keiser Report: Passing Fiat Cash Grenade

By on Sep 10, 2011

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss passing the currency grenade and the Central Bank of Nigeria mentions trading oil with China in yuan. In the second half of the show Max talks to anthropologist, David Graeber, about his new book, Debt: The First 5000 Years.