Friday, January 13, 2012

Quote of the Week

Zen master Ryokan was walking on the beach. A storm had just blown over. Hundreds of starfish had been washed up by the waves; they were beginning to die in the sharp sunlight. Ryokan picked up the starfish one by one and threw them back into the sea.

A fisherman who had been observing Ryokan came up to him. “Why do you do this? Every time there’s a storm, this happens. You can’t save them all, so what difference does your attempt make?”

“It will make a difference – to this one,” replied Ryokan, as he flung yet another starfish into the water.

Jim Sinclair on Gold and Mining Shares

Gold legend Jim Sinclair discusses the Gold market and the very undervalued gold mining sector with Eric King of King World News......listen here

Weekend Chillout - Us & Them

With the tensions rising between Us and Them in the straits of Hormuz this week it thought it only fitting we took some time out to reflect on what a conflict would entail, and if four nuclear powers have the moral authority to determine whether other nations should also have such weapons.

Iran to target US & Israel for killing nuke scientist

on Jan 11, 2012

MF Global Paper holders continue to Burn

Deadly Spark: What can trigger US-Iran war?

on Jan 12, 2012

Even a dog can tell that Fiat Cash Stinks

40 Billion $ was shipped to Iraq in cash, most went "missing"
Paper Plane
As mentioned on this blog by me and numerous others, the US is bringing in Capital Controls to prevent, or at least stem the flow of funds from the country. Whether it is tracing SWIFT wire transfers, having departing passengers undergo nudi-scans, feel-ups or crotch-sniffing dogs the clamp down is on. Remember only the US Government has the right to ship large amounts of cash to swarthy types overseas.
1 Billion $ was shipped in this Iraqi garbage truck, oh the irony!

From Homeland Security News Wire:

Cash-sniffing dog comes through at Philadelphia airport

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection employs a small number of currency-sniffing dogs; Nina, the currency-sniffing canine working at the Philadelphia International Airport, last Friday sniffed out a woman heading to Jamaica with $41,500 in her checked luggage

There are explosive-sniffing dogs, drugs-sniffing dogs, cadaver-sniffing dogs — and now there are cash-sniffing dogs.

Nina, the currency-sniffing dog, sniffed out a bonanza last Friday at Philadelphia International Airport — $41,500 in the checked luggage of a passenger bound for Jamaica. The money was concealed in the suitcase liner, Stephen Sapp, a spokesman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, more

Keiser Report: Death by Thousand Revelations

on Jan 12, 2012
In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss death by a thousand revelations and destroying the City to save the City. In the second half of the show, Max talks to author, Nomi Prins, a former investment banker, about the role of JP Morgan in Jon Corzine's MF Global crime.