Monday, July 5, 2010

Krugman right about depression, wrong about debt

Professor Krugman sees a double-dip recession turning into a true depression, only the third in modern times, after the Long Depression following the Panic of 1873 and The Great Depression of the on

Paul Krugman's

Gold & Silver price review for 1st half 2010

Gold recorded its seventh straight quarterly gain and was up by 12% in the second quarter. It rose by more in most other currencies especially the beleaguered euro. In the first quarter of this year, gold rose by 1.7%. On a year to date basis, gold is higher by 13.2% in US on

Why The Greater Depression Still Lies Ahead

Messer's Obama, Bernanke and Geithner do not understand the real cause of this debt crisis. They are politicians first and economists or students of the market second; if at all. Therefore, it is not wise to ask them if the great recession is indeed over, or for them to provide a plan to prevent another from occurring in the on