Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brother JohnF - Silver Update: Government Cheese

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Watershed Event - Bundesbank wants it Gold back

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Jim Rogers - Street Smarts

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Cat Beats Professional Wealth Managers

"I cashed in my stinking shares for silver"

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Professional wealth managers have long been criticised for charging more than their services are actually worth.

But getting routed by an animal that spends 20 hours a day either asleep or scratching itself is a new low.

In a recent stock-picking challenge, the UK Observer newspaper pitted a trio of investment managers against two groups of amateurs: a handful of high school students, and a house cat named Orlando.

The cat won.

Each team started the year with £5000 ($A7621) in capital to invest in five companies from the FTSE All-Share index. After each quarter, they could swap out whatever stocks they chose, if any.

While the two-legged participants picked stocks the old-fashioned way, Orlando chose by tossing a toy mouse onto a grid of numbers that designated different companies.

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Yen to hit 400 to US Dollar?

Even if this is a fear and not a prediction if you were in Japan saving in Yen why wouldn't you swap out into Gold and Silver to protect the purchasing power of your savings? 

Japan whilst in a downturn and having many structural problems is still the world's 3rd largest economy and has substantial personal savings. Whilst most analysts remain fixated on Gold demand from India and China could Japan gold demand, as a result of savers protecting their wealth from Yen depreciation, be the country to watch this year?

Rick Santelli on Cause and Effect

The Bubble - Jim Grant interview

Raw footage for the doco The Bubble

Uprising in Pakistan

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Rand Paul - Obama is not our King

Keiser Report: Whore-der of JP Morgan

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In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that markets don't kill economies, banksters kill economies. They also discuss JP Morgan's copper ETF in London and Blythe Masters, the well known hoar-der of commodities. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to David Hales about the economics of bit torrent and the future of peer to peer banking.

Dr. James Fetzer on US Conflicts

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