Saturday, August 10, 2013

Conspiracy to Tell the Truth | Interview with Lance deHaven-Smith

From breakingtheset

Obama Cancels Summit with Putin Over Snowden, No Obama Care for Congress, Benghazi Cover Up & More

From Greg Hunter

Gold Bottoms In July, Peaks In February: Frank Holmes

Whilst I agree with most of Frank's points I also think he is a huge pussy for recommending only to hold 5% of assets in gold and silver. Sure 5% is fine if you are saving in precious metals, but if you are an investor a 5% allocation is pointless.

From Kitco NEWS

Marc Faber on growth in Southeast Asia & the economic future of Malaysia & Thailand

Very interesting interview of my favourite old Asia hand and analyst, Marc Faber.

From theprospectgroup

Abby Martin Blasts Rachel Maddow for 9/11 Comments

From breakingtheset

Brother JohnF - BoE's Gold Vault

Great summary of the last several months of PR spin from the Bank of England (of course each item has already been highlighted on this blog - here, here, here and here)

From BrotherJohnF