Saturday, November 17, 2012

David Morgan - Silver may outperform Gold by a factor of 5

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Webster Tarpley on Gaza

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CrossTalk on Israel-Gaza conflict: Gates of Hell

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Will the crisis in Gaza escalate? Should we expect a ground incursion? What does Israel hope to achieve with its military assault this time? How well is Gaza prepared for another conflict? And do the Palestinians have the right to use military force to resist Israel's siege of Gaza? CrossTalking with Norman Finkelstein, Dan Pollak and Harry Fear.

Inside Story - Gaza strikes: Motives and consequences

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Gaza-Israel update

Breakingviews: Dear Jon

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WGC plays a straight bat to the CNBC parrots

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World Gold Council on Market Trends

Bloomberg's Rishaad Salamat speaks to Albert Cheng, managing director at the World Gold Council, about global gold demand.

Israeli Army Says Tank Forces at Point Near Gaza

Weekend Chillout

With the Gaza ghetto under air and potential ground attack this weekend it seems both sides are getting further away from peace and mutual respect than any time since the last time Obama was elected. Both sides need to step back from the edge of this abyss.