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Unintended Consequences - Iran mulls banning EU Oil exports

PressTVGlobalNews on Jan 26, 2012

Britain heading towards recession

PressTVGlobalNews on Jan 26, 2012

Don't mention the Oil

PressTVGlobalNews on Jan 26, 2012

A prominent political analyst says UK's David Cameron is mocking Argentina after criticizing the country of "colonialism" while Britain still has colonies around the world.

An interview with Chris Bambery, political analyst.

The Petro-Dollar is at risk

PressTVGlobalNews on Jan 26, 2012

A prominent online columnist says Western-backed sanctions on Iran have lost their credibility, and will not dissuade many countries from trading with the Islamic Republic.

An interview with Allen Roland, online columnist.

Brazil's millionaires increasing in numbers

AlJazeeraEnglish on Jan 25, 2012

An interesting contrast to the "developed" world. In the West, society, banks and government are actively destroying the middle class through falling home, business and paper asset values. Whereas in the BRIC nations, such as Brazil, they are dragging tens of millions out of poverty, and along the way creating 19 new millionaires per day.

Let that sink in and then reflect that during the last bull market in Gold and Silver the BRIC countries' people were overwhelming poor and or under communist repression, and none of their population participated in a market in which gold increased in price 25 times and silver 35 times. Now we have 100's of millions of people in BRIC nations with enough savings to buy some gold or considerably more silver, given this how can this bull market not end in multiples of the returns seen in the 70's?

Merkel deflects call for bigger eurozone fund

AlJazeeraEnglish on Jan 25, 2012

Inside Story - Egypt: A year on and still unresolved?

AlJazeeraEnglish on Jan 26, 2012

It is exactly a year since the Egyptian revolution began, and only the banners have changed. Protesters have converged again in Tahrir Square calling for the next phase. What next for Egypt? Guests are: Wael Eskandar, Nader Omran and Sharif Kouddous.

Media - The Illusion of Choice

RTAmerica on Jan 25, 2012

Rethinking capitalism in Davos?

RTAmerica on Jan 26, 2012

Silver - The Indispensable Metal

TruthNeverTold on Jan 26, 2012

Iran to place Oil sanactions on EU?


Iran may turn the sanctions tables by immediately stopping oil supply to Europe. The move is aimed as a response to the EU slapping an embargo on new oil contracts with Tehran. China has lashed out at the sanctions, calling them “blind pressure”.

The European sanctions, which follow a similar move by the US, provide for a grace period lasting until July 1, during which standing contracts with the Islamic Republic may be honored. However Iranian MPs are drafting a new law, which would stop short all supply to Europeans as soon as possible, according to Nasser Soudani, a member of the parliament’s energy committee.

“A number of representatives of the Majlis [Iranian parliament – RT] and I are seeking to approve a plan according to which all European countries that made Iran the target of their sanctions will not be able to buy even one drop of oil from Iran, and oil taps will be turned off to them so that they will not play with fire again,” Soudani told the Fars News Agency on Wednesday.

The legislation may be voted on in the parliament as early as this Sunday. If imposed, such a ban would result in a fuel shortage in Europe, as the countries, which joined the sanctions while receiving a considerable amount of crude from Iran, would not have enough time to secure a substitute.

Countries like Italy and Greece refine oil from Iran at plants tailored to a particular blend of crude, and readjusting them to another sort of oil would be costly both in terms of time and money. Soudani says the sanctions may eventually force buyers to acquire Iranian oil through intermediaries, and the cost of the fuel would be inflated by both rising market prices, and middlemen’s fees.

“European firms have no alternative but to enter into contracts with us, since abandoning Iran’s oil would mean the extinguishing of the candles of their economic lives,”
the Iranian MP more


Keiser Report: Kill Hollywood!

on Jan 26, 2012

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss killing Hollywood, poor Chris Dodd and how Mubarak's fall brought about the assault on the internet. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Mike Ruppert about SOPA, the NDAA and Iranian oil.

David Morgan interviewed by Cambridge House

By on Jan 25, 2012