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Brother JohnF - Silver Update 7/16/12 Smoke = Fire

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Robert Kiyosaki on Financial Education

I found this down a rabbit hole in youtube

on Dec 2, 2010

"Buy silver crash JPMorgan" the perfect meme

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CNN's Flawed Coverage of Iran Threat

Top stuff from The Young Turks

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The Big Picture Panel - Are Americans Finally Fed Up with Offshoring?

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The Big Picture Panel - Are Americans Finally Fed Up with Offshoring? Part 3
Andy Kroll, Mother Jones Magazine / TomDispatch & Brian Darling, Daily Mail / Heritage Foundation & Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research, all join Thom Hartmann. The American people are getting more and more fed up with losing their jobs to low-skill foreign nations.

Capital Account with Paul Craig Roberts

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Very Dry Reds

From Zerohdege.com

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It seems the end of cheap money bulging out the Chinese wazoo have put the kibosh on the decade-long rally in the price of fine wine. Confirming what we initially noted back in November, it appears that we have a clear winner in the 'best wealth-preservation investment' game as Gold has gone on to dominate fine-wine (and equities) in the last year. As Bloomberg's chart-of-the-day points out, the rapid rise in wine prices - on the back of Chinese demand for French reds - came to an abrupt halt when the PBOC started to put the inflation brakes on - and as is clear - wine is now tracking the Shanghai Composite almost perfectly (down) as the 'asset grab' phase ends. While ironically, wine is (apparently) illiquid - accoridng to Hao Hong of Bocom, the outperformance of Gold in the short- and long-term reminds us of the Monty Python line as Chinese investors appear to have been promised 'all the gold they could eat', since, of course, man cannot live on iPads alone.

Longer-term is it is clear that as China tightened the high correlation between fine-wine and gold started to breakdown - and has snapped now...

and close-up, the path of fine-wine prices is incredibly correlated to the Shangahi Composite (Chinese stocks) - while Gold and US equities appear to best buddies since the end of LTRO2...

Charts: Bloomberg

DON'T BE SHORT: 'For Pete's Sake!' w/ Peter Hug of Kitco Metals

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Peter Hug of Kitco Metals explains why short positions are something he advises against given the current markets in this week's episode of "For Pete's Sake!"

Inside of Bohemian Grove 2012

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It's the secretive meeting that the world's elites don't want you to
know about - some of the world's richest and brightest are descending on Bohemian Grove yet again this year.

Barclays exec blames Bank of England

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The chairman of UK's financial regulation authority has admitted the compliance watchdog had failed to prevent illegal activity at Barclays.

The rate fixing scandal surrounding one of the world's biggest financial institutions is far from over. A former top executive at Barclays claims the Bank of England approved the lowering of lending rates.

Egon von Greyerz on the Gold and Silver markets

Egon von Greyerz discusses the recent broker failures, European bank dramas and the effect they are and will have on the Gold and Silver markets. Listen to the interview with Eric King of KWN here