Saturday, March 19, 2011

Counting the Cost - Japan: The cost of disaster

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Mar 19, 2011

On this week's Counting the Cost we look at: The economic impact of the catastrophe in Japan, the global nuclear power debate and an unexpected pastime in Afghanistan - skiing.

Frost Over the World - The future of nuclear power

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Mar 19, 2011

John Key, the prime minister of New Zealand, talks about the earthquake that struck his country in February and the recent disaster in Japan. Plus, Michael Meacher, the UK's former environment minister, discusses the future of nuclear power after the crisis in Japan. And, actress and UNICEF goodwill ambassador Mia Farrow reflects on her recent visit to South Sudan.

Libyan update: Benghazi under attack

Confidence in US declines as prices rise

Gold investment Trends - Jason Toussaint, WGC

Jason Toussaint of the World Gold Council discusses the gold & silver markets and ETFs with Geoff Candy of here

Richard Russell: Gold is the Safest Currency

Richard Russell, the man behind Dow Theory Letters talks about the depreciation of the dollar and why he feels safe holding gold at the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit.

Eric Sprott - Questioning the Gold & Silver numbers

Doug Casey: Stupidity, Evil, and the Decline of the U.S. At the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit, Doug Casey spoke about the degraded state of the United States today. "So many of the people who run this country are either knaves or fools, in other words, are you dealing with someone who is evil or stupid? Are you dealing with a Dick Cheney or a George Bush?" Listen as the chairman of Casey Research discusses how America's lack of a philosophical anchor, atmosphere of fear, and a reflexive belief in the government are contributing to the decline of America

Syrians rise up against oppression