Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Preppers in Obama's Crosshairs

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A Christmas Present for the Prepper that has Everything

Mark Dice takes you inside a bomb shelter at the Atlas Shelters manufacturing plant in California with the president and CEO Ron Hubbard. AtlasSurvivalShelters.com

Movie: Strategic Relocation

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Joel Skousen sits down with Alex Jones and discusses strategies on how to prepare for and survive major disasters. Joel Skousen is a world renowned expert in designing secure homes, geo-political analysis, and strategic relocation. Preparing food, water, arms, medical supplies, and shelter may not be a good enough plan. Large population centers are the biggest threat to survival after any major disaster. Joel Skousen explains his strategy for survival, which includes acquiring all of the essentials, preparing in a safe location and methods on how to avoid a dangerous hungry population and safely arrive at your secure location.

Breaking The Set

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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Peace Activist and Author of 'The General's Son', Miko Peled, about the main misconceptions about the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and about the proposed idea of irradiating a 'Jewish State' all together. Abby then talks to RT Correspondents Liz Wahl and Anastasia Churkina, about the media sensationalizing and exploiting tragic events like the Sandy Hook mass shooting instead of focusing on the systemic problems that breed the violence. BTS wraps up the show with a little viewer feedback on a new segment called 'troll spotting'.

Will Obama Cry For Children He Has Killed With Drones?

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Obama on record has killed thousands of children in 8 nations with drones attacks, will he break up in tears for them?

Diamonds From Shovel to Shop: Inside De Beers

Rough diamond prices have slumped 16% over the past year, but De Beers expects a turnaround in the coming months. Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns has been looking at the effort involved in getting diamonds from the mine to the shop.

Brother JohnF - Silver Update: Libor Lackeys

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Santelli And Schiff On The FED

Capital Account with Neil Barofsky

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Ragged Revolution: Post-Arab Spring anger mounts 2 years on

From RussiaToday

Published on Dec 17, 2012
And as Egypt continues to be gripped by instability, it's just one of the countries still feeling the effects of the Arab Spring. The regional string of revolts has already claimed tens of thousands of lives, and brought down several regimes - with no sign of it stopping. Some of those who helped usher in the changes then, say they're no better off now - as RT's Irina Galushko reports.

Quote of the Week

"Without gold, paper currencies are only coupons with expiration dates written in invisible ink" 
~ Darryl Robert Schoon

Darryl Robert Schoon - The twilight of the world's power structures

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ANZ slashes RBA cash rate forecast

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ANZ has drastically cut its interest rate forecasts for next year, citing a sharp weakening in the mining sector, higher unemployment and the strong dollar as the rationale behind a drop of 100 basis points.

ANZ had forecast the Reserve Bank of Australia’s official cash rate to stay on hold at 3 per cent for all of 2013, but is now predicting a 25 basis point cut in each quarter, ending 2013 at 2 per cent. Among major banking institutions, ANZ now has the lowest forecast for interest rates, along with Macquarie Bank.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/anz-slashes-rba-cash-rate-forecast-20121217-2bit1.html#ixzz2FJWSYKLd