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Gerald Celente - 'Gold is Global'

Gerald Celente discusses the current gold market compared to the late seventies with Eric King of King World News......listen here

Young Turks - 'We've been robbed'

By on Aug 26, 2011

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur on how the Federal Reserve gave insanely low interest rate loans to (U.S. and foreign) banks.

Ned Naylor-Leyland talks to James Turk

by on Aug 30, 2011

Subscribe to our newsletter at Ned Naylor-Leyland ( ) and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, talk about how the new Pan Asia Gold Exchange (PAGE) will change the price discovery mechanism for gold. Ned explains that the futures market currently takes the lead in price discovery over the much larger spot market and how this may change once PAGE starts to operate.

PAGE will provide a valuable alternative because its fully backed, allocated gold contract will provide a better title, closer to physical, than unsecured unallocated contracts.

This interview was recorded on August 5 2011 in London.

Martin Armstrong - The Rise and Fall of the Euro

click on image to go thru to report

Keiser Report: Redback vs Greenback

By on Aug 30, 2011

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss Anonymous joining #occupywallstreet while President Obama does dirty banker deal. In the second half of the show Max talks to fund manager, Dan Collins, about how the Chinese 'redback' may displace the ever devaluing American 'greenback' in world trade.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gold Sales in India May Increase 25% During Festival Season

From Bloomberg:

Gold demand in India, the biggest user, may surge 25 percent during the festival season this year as buyers expect prices to extend a record rally on haven demand, according to Rajesh Exports Ltd. (RJEX)

Purchases of gold jewelry, coins, bars and medallions may climb to 250 metric tons in the three months ending Nov. 30, compared with an estimated 200 tons in the same period a year earlier, said Rajesh Mehta, chairman of Rajesh Exports, India’s biggest jewelry maker.

Rising Indian demand may help extend a 26 percent rally in prices this year that’s made the precious metal the second-best performer on the Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index of 19 raw materials. Imports may reach a record 1,000 tons this year as investors seek a haven against inflation and volatility in stock markets, Prithviraj Kothari, president of the Bombay Bullion Association, said Aug. 20.

“In spite of the high prices, we have seen quite good demand,” Mehta said in a phone interview yesterday. “When people are buying jewelry, their motive is investment.”

Buying gold is considered auspicious during the religious festivals in India. The festival season this year starts with Eid this month and ends in October with Diwali, which is followed by the traditional wedding on

Greenspan: Gold is a Currency, Euro “Breaking Down”

From The New American

Written by Alex Newman

Former Federal Reserve boss Alan Greenspan (left) made headlines this week when he said gold is indeed a currency and noted that the euro was falling apart, contradicting top officials on both sides of the Atlantic. “Gold, unlike all other commodities, is a currency,” he told attendees at a conference in Washington D.C. on August 23, saying he did not think the precious metal was in a bubble despite recently reaching a new record above $1900. And a flight to safety amid inflation fears is what’s causing soaring gold prices.

“The major thrust in the demand for gold is not for jewelry,” Greenspan explained. “It’s not for anything other than an escape from what is perceived to be a fiat money system, paper money, that seems to be deteriorating.”

While it is well known that the fiat U.S. dollar is under increasing pressure following years of extreme “quantitative easing,” the former central banker said the European single currency was also in big trouble. And the effects will be felt far beyond Europe.

“The euro is breaking down and the process of its breaking down is creating very considerable difficulties in the European banking system,” said Greenspan, speaking at the Innovation Nation Forum hosted by an outfit described on its website as “one big Government IT community.”

He also said a breakup of the euro was “obviously” a possibility. And the monetary and banking woes are actually raising fundamental questions about the nature of Europe’s currency experiment itself.

“The problem is that there is a growing cleavage in the economic and analytical and banking circles as to whether the euro, which is the crucial issue here, should be 17 countries,” he said, citing widely varying beliefs among the different nations in terms of the role of government, inflation, and other cultural issues.

As The New American recently reported, the European Central Bank is now printing even more money to buy government debt. Floundering regimes from Spain and Italy to Ireland and Portugal are struggling to stay afloat as the ECB and the EU frantically seek to prop them up.

A default by the socialist government ruling Greece is almost inevitable at this point, with European governments rushing to unload onto taxpayers the bad debt held by banks. And according to Greenspan, the problems swamping Europe are hurting the U.S. economy — and they could even lead to another American recession.

“The reason we are so sluggish is the level of uncertainty,” he explained. "The general feeling out there is of a lull before the storm." on

Mike Maloney's journey into precious metals

Record prices spawn new wave of China gold bugs

By Fayen Wong

SHANGHAI | Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:11am EDT

(Reuters) - Record gold prices, rather than denting China's enthusiasm for bullion, have emboldened investors to plough more money into gold bars and riskier bullion-based derivatives.

August is traditionally a slow month for Chinese jewelers, but many shops in Shanghai visited by Reuters reported surprisingly solid gold sales over the last few weeks, with shoppers unfazed by gold's stellar price gains over the past few months.

"The surge in prices has sparked another gold-buying craze. The 50 gram and 100 gram gold bars were selling like hot cakes," said Ms. Liu, a store manager at Shanghai's major jeweler Lao Feng Xiang Co Ltd, who said gold sales this month were up at least 30 percent from a year ago.

The attitude of Chinese consumers -- expected to soon overtake Indians as the world's top buyers of gold -- will be an important influence on longer-term trends.

Demand from the world's most populous country, which is adding hundreds of thousands of people to the ranks of affluent and middle-income consumers every year, implies that the long-term price floor for gold is set for a steady on

Monday, August 29, 2011

Truth about Markets

Max and Stacy's regular radio show from London.......listen here

Audit RBS

For my UK readers:

By 24K:

I want to know exactly what RBS's debts and its assets are, I want to know who they owe money to and what the agreements say. Same goes for loans made by the bank. Who, what terms, how much and I want to hear from the people who made the deals.

Of course one major fear would be that if the truth about RBS's assets were known and priced this would effectively price not only the assets and liabilities of all the counter-parties to the RBS deals but also those who held or made similar deals.

My argument there is - "What, we can't know what we are liable for and what we are paying for, because it might harm someone else entirely, someone I don't know, and with whom I have no agreement? I don't think so. It's nothing personal you understand, it just business."

I personally, as a tax payer, was taken into a vastly costly deal blindfolded. I want the blind fold removed. Don't tell me 'experts' have looked at it for me. I do not believe those 'experts' have any concern for me or mine. I think they are working for interests other than mine and I do not think their opinions are worth anything to me.

We own the vast majority of RBS. I think the only reason we don't own it all is because if we did it would be liable to Freedom of Information Requests. But nevertheless we own it and we therefore have both a moral and legal right to know what it is we were forced in to buying and also forced into insuring. We have a right to demand a publicly conducted Debt Commission.

Media Manipulation: 'NATO in a hurry to wrap up war in Libya'

From: RussiaToday | Aug 28, 2011

NATO's presence in Libya little resembles a humanitarian mission with houses, hospitals and schools being hit. But Libya prospered prior to NATO's intrusion, Yvonne Di Vito, an activist from told RT.

Very Funny

SEISMIC EVENTS in Precious Metals : Bill Murphy of GATA

An Gorta Mór - The new Great Hunger hits Ireland

From The

FAMILIES in modern Ireland are going without food to meet the demand of mortgage debt.

The arrival of the second wave of the economic crisis, giving rise for the first time in many decades to the spectre of hunger, has caused shock across the country.

The decision of homeowners to choose hunger over a fear of eviction helps expose as irrelevant the issue of "moral hazard", the defence of policymakers who resist calls for debt forgiveness.

A nationwide Sunday Independent/Quantum Research poll has found massive support for the concept of debt forgiveness to help those who are genuinely unable to meet their full mortgage payments.

The poll found that 70 per cent supported the idea of debt forgiveness and, more tellingly, 73 per cent would not resent such relief for homeowners while they themselves continued to meet their on

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ralph T. Foster interviewed by Darryl Robert Schoon

This is the first time I have seen Darryl in a video, if you enjoyed this video please check out Darryl's written work on this blog here

Brett Le Brocque - 'Gold bullion demand has increased 125% in 12 months'

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Brett Le Brocque, the chief investment analyst from Australian Bullion Company, says demand for gold bullion has increased 125 per cent in the past 12 months.

''Australians right now are starting to go, 'heck, we got burnt in the '08 crash, our stocks have been pummelled and the world economy is literally on life support; there are massive problems in Europe and the US, and we've got big problems in China','' he said.

''People have realised that they need to buy some real assets now, gold and silver and those sorts of things. That is what's going on.''

On The Edge with Alex Jones


click on the image

Egon von Greyerz talks to James Turk

Panic & Anxiety swirl a storm

By Jim Willie:

Something big is going on in the United States in a sentiment change, an altered state of psychology, a growing sense of panic. My opinion is that the nation has entered the early stage of comprehension among the population of systemic failure. The most immediate measures are the rash of heavy selling down days in the US Stock market, the strong purchases in Gold, as well as the reactions to constant news of sovereign debt in trouble, and the big banks teetering. Several other softer measures have been noted, made overwhelming by their sheer numbers. A perception wave has taken hold of a toxic USEconomy, a toxic US financial sector, a toxic US housing sector, a toxic economic brain trust in the US towers. A sense of doom is creeping into the nation's living rooms and board rooms, that the nation is in deterioration. Worse, they are realizing how US Federal Reserve is toothless, unable to address or treat the problems. The citizenry is not adept or gifted enough to conclude that the problem is national insolvency, whose errant prescription has been a flood of liquidity. But they sense something is horribly wrong, and worse, that no current treatment will fix anything. They detect the backfire of the blunt banker solution and the misfired futility of the federal government solution. Witness the rooted perception and horrifying awareness that the United States is moving gradually and unavoidably into a systemic failure. The perception is that neither governments nor bankers have any solutions to help the people, who must impose their own gold standard. The Gold price registered a new high over $1900 per ounce, this after mental midget clowns and propaganda wags in May pronounced the bull market as finished. Their opinions are worthless. Watch them vanish behind the tall shrubbery when Gold surpasses $2000 this autumn.

In my view, the national illness is a toxic USEconomy dominated by pervasive profound grotesque insolvency. In the early part of the 2000 decade, a strong hint of near-term future failure was obvious. The USEconomy shed its industry to Asia since the 1980 decade. In the early years of last decade, the migration of factories was to China. In its place, the US consumers relied upon home equity withdrawal, blessed as good by the American economists and high priest of heretical ideology Alan Greenspasm. The hint to sound money economists such as the Jackass from the dependence shift was a clear signal of ruin in a few years, as in now. It came on time. In my view, the national illness is a toxic US financial sector dominated by pervasive insolvency and massive fraud. The FASB accounting rule change permitted grotesque falsification of the bank balance sheets, reflected in market capitalizations above zero. The value zero has been and still is more accurate, still is the price target. The big US banks continue to fight off the powerful forces of a housing market in resumed chronic decline, sovereign bonds overseas beset by heavy losses, and a spate of bond investor lawsuits that rack up. All attempts to limit lawsuit exposure have failed. Litigants line up in court like Wal-Mart shoppers on a big sale. Americans are awakening to the unfixable nature of the USEconomy and the broken fraudulent nature of the US financial sector.

The Achilles Heel, the broken leg, the ruined road, and the toxic field is HOUSING & MORTGAGES. The contaminated blood, the leaking gangrene into the circulation system, the sewer line in the water supply is BANKING & FINANCE. The USEconomy grew dependent upon the two-sided asset bubble. No resolution or remedy or liquidation means rotting flesh and gangrene on the body economic. Americans have noticed. The US banking system remains insolvent, worse each quarter from toxic assets. Home prices have resumed their decline, despite all incorrect announcements by banking, political, and economic leaders over public address propaganda loudspeakers. The crowd control devices are not working, as the people are deeply worried. The banks are plagued by an REO inventory bloat extended from home foreclosures, where they do not dare release all the homes onto the already bloated market for sale. The banks are peppered in attacks by bond investor lawsuits, which work to resolve the bond fraud from misrepresentation of mortgages packaged in AAA toxic bundles. They lost 30% to 60% in a matter of months and a few years. The banks have a dirty secret of hundreds of thousands of home loans operating in strategic default, whether the homeowners refuse to pay anything more on their mortgages, often demanding to see the proper title on the property. The news media will not cover this story. In every court challenge, the banks have lost the cases, resulting in the homeowners taking clear title with the loan fully forgiven. The newest threat to the banks is the next Option ARM wave, the second round of adjustable rate mortgage that will continue in a storm until 2013 ends. Americans are awakening to the unfixable nature of the USEconomy and the broken fraudulent nature of the US financial sector.

No meaningful home loan balance scheme conducted by the USGovt means the housing mass & mortgage connective tissue circle the toilet in a flush. The reason is simple. Home loan balance reductions would expose gigantic bond fraud in tracing the mortgage bonds to home loans with title registrations. It would result in exposure of Fannie Mae counterfeit bonds having circulated widely. It would result in forced bank asset writedowns amidst the pervasive accounting fiction at work on the balance sheets, blessed as good by the FASB. It would expose MERS as a fraudulent device to hold titles without legal standing. It would embolden half the nation into civil disobedience, as in outright refusal to pay banks on home loans. It would expose the nation as insolvent generally. It might interfere with some perverse national plan to use Fannie Mae as some devious device to become landlord to one third of the nation's homes, a plan of collectivism that Karl Marx might approve. Americans are awakening to the unfixable nature of the USEconomy and the broken fraudulent nature of the US financial sector.

The tragedy that struck the US nation has a great connection to toxic economic thought from its economic brain trust. It is thoroughly toxic, corrupted, and destructive ideology woven in an acidic blanket with rampant impairment to working capital. It earns a D grade on economics effectiveness, and in fairness is not what Keynes prescribed. It is toxic thinking. It seems to have elevated the Voodoo Economics of the 1980 decade to the Fascist Business Model in the 2000 decade. The license to engage in fraudulent activity is engrained in the pact between big business (led by big banks) and the USGovt policy making groups which are dominated by Wall Street firms (led by Goldman Sachs). The summary line is vividly clear to astute adept students of economics: the United States no longer has any concept of capitalism, and has undergone three decades of capital destruction. The crescendo of the capital destruction has taken place in the last three or four years, whose climax tune is the shrill Quantitative Easing. The cast of American economists is wedded deeply to the notion of credit dispensation and monetary growth under the illusion of control. They do not comprehend capital formation anymore, relying instead upon what the Jackass calls with bitter intended mockery the Panhandle Doctrine applied to consumers, matched by a Parasite Doctrine applied to banks. If you give a street bum money, he will buy coffee and maybe a sandwich. The USEconomy is based upon coffee and sandwiches, not much more, as the consumer is given money in pockets and purses to spend. The depravity of economic thought is shocking. The stock market & housing sector (FIRE) replaced industry & factories with tragic outcome. FIRE means finance, insurance, and real estate, a great ironic moniker since the fires burned capital at a rapid rate.

A prevailing belief exists among American economists that if the consumer picks up, then industry will expand with big capital spending and job hires. The belief is entirely backwards, a symptom of American economist ignorance and stupidity. The consumer (street bum) relies upon tax breaks, reduced Social Security & Medicare contributions, extended jobless benefits, clunker car gifts, first time home buyer tax credits, and more. They are all examples of the Panhandle Doctrine from which the USEconomy have grown dependent upon. Observe the toxic American economist ideology. For banks, a parallel Parasite Doctrine hard at work has gutted the financial sector. The regular fare offered as examples as strategic crutches to a broken sector are sponsored USTreasury carry trade (aided steered by Interest Rate Swaps), betting on their own stocks lifted by phony FASB accounting rules, participation in USFed frequent flyer programs like the Money Market giveaways, flash stock trading (High Frequency Games) done with impunity, short stock sale bans (Goldman Sachs given an exemption), and naked selling of USTBonds (grandaddy fraud). See failures to deliver, buttressed by Interest Rate Swap artificial end demand that serves to cover the other end and qualify as a bonafide bucket shop.

Thanks to Aaron Krowne and his Mortgage Implode website, for the intrepid work on the mortgage market and recently on the USTreasury market. He provided the graph on Failures to Deliver on USTBonds. See the ML Implode article (CLICK HERE). The total is roughly $1 trillion in bond fraud, an ongoing figure. The story broke in mid-2009, only to disappear with organized suppression. The Wall Street firms lost their investment banking business, but found a fertile source of liquidity from naked short sales of USTBonds, whose buyers were the artificial factory of Interest Rate Swaps. Without this naked shorting line of liquidity, the Wall Street job cuts would have been much worse, equal to the London and European bank sector job cuts. The Parasite Doctrine has a poster boy project with these fraudulent sales given cover by the Securities & Exchange Commission, whose official ranks are filled by Wall Street henchmen.

The American public is told that confidence is the root cause of the absent woefully low business spending. The confidence took on damage after the vacant USGovt & USCongress budget deal and debt extension to be sure. But the true source of absent business capital investment is broad deep insolvency, the poor business risk, extending from the broken housing market, the wrecked banking sector, and the inadequate industrial base. The government finance requirements serve to crowd out the bond market, which in a normal system would rely upon the financial sector for capital formation, business development, and construction of platforms that offer job growth. In the US financial sector, the innovation is with carry trade speculation, exploitation of easy money facilities, and profound bond fraud, hardly the stuff of growth mechanisms. Big banks do not lend when they can reliably make money on the USTreasury Bond carry trade. The American corporate sector has responded to the liquidity flood, aka monetary hyper-inflation, and the corresponding acidic undermine to capital, by moving investment overseas. See Cisco, General Electric, and Hewlett Packard, which is instead raising a white flag to Asian PC makers. The most glaring consequence to the monetary policy, marred (not aided) by QE and QE-Lite and QE2 and Secret Global QE, has been the entire cost structure has risen, without benefit of rising incomes.

Furthermore check Economics 201, Chairman Bernanke. Low interest rates suppress the USEconomy, not stimulate it. Almost twice as much interest income is earned versus interest costs paid. The pensioners and retirees are struggling with inadequate income, spending less. The bond investors sought out higher yields in mortgage bonds, only to be burned by 25% to 40% losses in principal. Pension fund income is way down. Of course the motive has been to support and stimulate speculation in Wall Street, where the USFed primary loyalty lies, surely not with Main Street and business interests.

A confluence of major perceptual factors is flowing in the national mindset. Fear is setting in. The early stage of panic is evident. A growing perception of ruin can be spotted. People are responding to numerous high profile stories, each of which is important in painting a mosaic of extremes, none of which would have occurred in the 1990 decade. The chorus of crisis is loud and shrill. Here are some important events that the American public must examine.

  • The broken USGovt budget and upcoming huger deficits. With tax receipts trending down, and the need for economic stimulus programs clear, the USGovt deficit next year will be larger, not smaller, despite what the errant Govt Accountability Office statement reads.
  • The blatantly obvious USeconomic recession, whose billboard signs litter the highway, the latest being the Richmond Fed down 10% (called good), and the Philly Fed down 37 (could not be called anything but horrible). The Philly Fed forecast was minus 2 by the intrepid marketing prop carnival barker American economists.
  • The EUR 850 billion bailout by the Euro Central Bank, intended to cover the mountain of Italian and Spanish Govt bonds. But the bailout will accomplish nothing, just like Greece, where numerous bank bond bandaids have been applied. And besides, the Germans have refused to offer any more bailout funds, calling Italy and Spain too big to bail out, quite properly.
  • The creepy feeling of a global monetary system breakdown. The major currencies are being debased to such a grand extent that even the less gifted American public can notice. They see the onslaught of sovereign bonds overseas, and might harbor more distrust for USTreasury Bonds that the media reports. They might be buying gold & silver coins from the USMint, which cannot keep up with demand.
  • The anticipated QE3 heresy is certain to continue. It has already come in Global QE form, as the Jackass expected. My forecast is that the USFed will formally support the US Stock market and violate its charter. But the move will be applauded and serve as the next heroin injection to the body economic, with certain additional capital destruction and rising cost structure.
  • The Swiss and Japanese central bank futile actions, designed to halt their rising Franc and Yen currencies. The lesson learned is that all major central banks have turned toothless, their policies ineffective, wasteful, and destructive. The Competing Currency War is making all of them big losers. Their economies suffer.
  • The pitiful paltry puny USTreasury long-term yield of 2.0% to 2.2% does not offer the American saver the proper incentive to save, nor the proper return on investment, certainly not an adequate yield to reflect the risk taken. The yield now stands at 7% to 8% below the true CPI rate.

SINKING INTO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MINDSET IS THAT THIS IS 2008 ALL OVER AGAIN, BUT TWICE AS BAD, SINCE THE SOLUTION HAS FAILED AND TRUE REMEDY IS SEEN AS IMPOSSIBLE!! The USGovt and USFed and Wall Street policy makers and league of Rasputins have thrown $3 trillion at the problem, have bailed out the big US banks, have conducted numerous liquidity programs, have made Swap Lines to Europe, have completed a few mickey mouse stimulus initiatives (clunker cars, first time home buyers), have extended but terminated aid to states, have extended jobless benefits, have given SS/Medicare relief, have operated gigantic debt monetization programs (QE's), but the USEconomy is rolling over into a recession anyway. The confirmation of the recession is the many denials with shorter frequency between denials.

As the Jackson Hole Conference is set to begin in the spectacular picturesque mountains of Wyoming, anticipation and anxiety rise. The Grand Tetons serve as a fitting location to announce the renewed dependence from the USFed teats, the monetary spigot. Where the spigot is directed remains the main question in debate. Given the robust supposed USTreasury Bond rally, it hardly seems suitable to direct QE3 toward more USTBond buying, unless they wish to avoid USTreasury auction failures. The ultra-low yield combined with ultra-high supply makes for extremely high risk. Bond investors might not show up at all. A failed auction would be highly embarrassing as a event after the highly publicized bond rally, an irony worthy of Rolling Stone exposure or a Saturday Night Live comedy segment. The USGovt minions and Wall Street made men had crowed that the bond rally contradicted the Standard & Poors downgrade for the USGovt debt. My forecast is that the QE3, when it comes, will be designed and intended openly to support the Stock market. It will not arrive this week. It will arrive with full bore announcement in response to the next round of deep US stock market declines. History will be made. The spin on the USTBond rally to 2% on the 10-yr is deafening and deceptive. We are told the bond market anticipates QE3 but that is patently false. The bond market smells with great dread the next USEconomic recession, or more accurately, recognition of the ongoing chronic powerful recession that began in 2008 and never ended. The bond market smells unfixable recession, all current tools having failed. The bond market detects correctly that the US Stock market from mid-2010 has been propped by QE initiatives, now absent.

The irony, intrigue, and corruption is both bizarre and macabre. The Standard & Poors President Deven Sharma has decided to step down only three weeks after the agency downgraded the US credit rating. What a predictable move. The post will be occupied by Douglas Peterson, chief operating officer of Citibank, to take effect on September 12th. Business as usual on Wall Street. The S&P lead role will be in capable hands. One might wonder if the outgoing officer will be charged with child pornography or a rape in a hotel. That event might not be needed.

This week has been tumultuous. The best summary in my view is to conclude that the Gold price set a record high, and fully revealed what direction it will take this autumn. In the low volume vacation dominated days of summer, an opportunity to engineer a selloff has begun in earnest. Gold has gone down to $1765 and Silver to $40 flat, still way up on the year. Hats off to Ben Davies, who has been impressively accurate in his precious metals forecasts. He nailed the silver forecast in April, expecting a steep pullback to $35. We saw it!! In June, when Gold was trading in the low $1500 level, Davies boldly forecasted that Gold would break above $2000 by yearend 2011. The strong upward moves seen so far in August have captured global attention. After action last week, Davies fine tuned his 2011 gold call, stating he expects Gold to reach $2100 by the end of December after first a correction to $1675. Today we saw it!! The hefty pullback will lose some faithful followers, but offer savvy investors a great chance to add to their positions.

The cartel is busy making countless grateful Chinese, Indians, and Asians who have not stopped buying precious metals in defense of rapid inflation. They see the American bankers as the inflation villains. The sudden pullback has assured the last fire sale before the autumn gold bull romp, a great trampling event to come. It is written, it will happen. See the King World News interview (CLICK HERE).

The compromised clowns have been busy citing how the Gold price is $150 to $200 too high based upon price inflation, or even 50% over-valued based on some cockeyed Fed Business Model. They overlook the broken distorted market is the USTBonds, supported by powerful usage of Interest Rate Swaps, aided by USFed monetization still and the migration from stocks to bonds. The volatile moves in the Gold market can be interpreted with high predictability. The big down move today signals even bigger upward moves in the next few months. The money is moving quickly today on Wednesday. The 10-yr USTreasury has rallied on the TNX from 2.14% to 2.21% as a decent move. The crude oil price is up from $85.40 to $86.1 as a modest move. Nobody can deny that panic has hit the stock market, as the recession can be seen without rose colored glasses. Expect much more debasement of the USDollar, as tax revenues fall and stimulus costs rise. The bigger USGovt deficits must be financed, during a truly hostile climate. The complete ruin of major global currencies is in progress, not stoppable. Money is being ruined to such an extent that people are bewildered, wondering what constitutes money if sovereign bonds are being attacked and losing value. The tainted USTreasury Bond market has become almost a source of great amusement. The entire major currency market is in turmoil. See the Swiss Franc, the Japanese Yen, and their rapid rise several standard deviations above their norms or trendlines. Havoc has taken root.

The Libyan chapter will be properly told in a year or two. Tyrant Qaddafi wanted to install a Gold Dinar for North African usage, a similar sin committed by Saddam Hussein. These guys never learn that a challenge to the USDollar is met with armed resistance. The US & UK forces entered the fray. The secondary goal might have been to take oil producing capacity offline, thus lifting the crude oil price. Big Oil interests do not want the global recession to rock the crude oil price too much. The other benefits have been the $50 billion in funds frozen solid in US & London banks. Another $50 billion is frozen in European banks. Expect it to remain out of reach by Libya's new leaders, despite talk. It is too badly needed within the Anglo banking system. See Oslo. The search is on not only for Qaddafi, who is surely comfortable somewhere in a desert bunker, but also well fed, and well medicated with his usual fare of psycho-tropic drugs. The hunt is also on for Libyan gold bullion. The Anglo bankers need it, since the COMEX and LBMA are just about bone dry, and the big US & UK banks are insolvent on the edge of failure. See their Credit Default Swap rates on debt insurance. For the greater good of the Anglo Empire, gold must be found and secured and locked up in the banking system, regardless of the propaganda messages put forth.

Prepare for $2100 gold by January and $60 silver by January.

The last open door is being made possible in the final days of August. Like last year, the months of September through January will be ones for the history books. The start of big bank failures in the United States, London, and Europe should add to the gold run. Contagion has hit Italy, Spain, and France (the newest PIGS lookalike). The breakdown will be broad, deep, and frightening in the next few months. The twisted thinking is probably that gold must be brought down as much as possible, to make a lower base before the next gigantic upward moves beyond the $2000 level and probably past $2100. The gold breakout will capture global attention and make major headline news. This is 2008 all over again, but much worse!! The story line will be that nothing was fixed, but that nothing can be fixed, and much more debasement of money will come. The Gold Meter will rise in direct reflection.

Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a Ph.D. in Statistics. His career has stretched over 22 years. He aspires to one day join the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at

Gold to move higher within the next 12 months

Sprott Asset Management's John Embry wouldn't be surprised to see gold at $2,500 per ounce within the next 12 months but says he would prefer to see some kind of correction first........listen here

Ned Naylor-Leyland on Gold and Silver

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ben Davies on the Gold price correction

Ben Davies discusses the recent Gold price action with Eric King of King World News......listen here

Ben Bernanke doesn't want QE3. For now

From: RTAmerica | Aug 26, 2011

According to recent reports the US economy grew 0.2% in the second quarter of this year. For a while now economists have debated if the US is in a recession or not. With these dreadful numbers, should the Federal Reserve intervene to try to save the economy or will they do more harm? Karl Denninger from the Market Ticker tells us what he thinks.

Pepe Escobar: Al-Qaeda asset leading rebels in Tripoli

From: RTAmerica | Aug 26, 2011

The hostility persists in Tripoli and the Libyan rebels continue the search for Gaddafi, but who is leading the rebels? Who are the beneficiaries of the fall of Gaddafi? What will the blowback be for those in Libya and across the globe? Pepe Escobar, a correspondent for Asia Times, gives us some answers to these questions.

TYT - Extended Clip

Ron Paul scared? - classic Young Turks

James Grant on Inflation

From: WealthTrack | Aug 12, 2011
Financial Thought Leader James Grant explains why he believes the Federal Reserve's easy money policies will wreak havoc on the economy and markets. The dangers of inflation creep and how to protect yourself against it are the focus of this week's Consuelo Mack WealthTrack.

Tarpley: Al-Qaeda pirates to grip Mediterranean if rebels take over

From: RussiaToday | Aug 26, 2011

The UN has called for restraint in Libya amid reports of abuses and alleged summary killings by both rebels and Gaddafi loyalists. The Security Council has also agreed to release 1.5 billion-dollars in Libyan assets to help deal with humanitarian needs. The opposition continues to claim that Tripoli is largely under its control, while the National Transitional Council says it's moved from its stronghold of Benghazi to the capital. There are reports of heavy resistance by Gaddafi forces, with the Colonel's whereabouts still unknown. Meanwhile, Gaddafi has aired another radio message, claiming he's fighting on the frontline. NATO has denied previous reports that it's assisting the rebels in the hunt to find him. Now more analysis on the latest developments in Libya from author and investigative journalist Webster Tarpley, who's in Washington.

Naoto Kan resigns as Japan PM

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Aug 26, 2011

Naoto Kan has resigned as prime minister of Japan almost one year after assuming office. The move does not come as a surprise in a country that has seen five prime ministers in the past four years.

Kan and Yukio Hatoyama, his predecessor, co-founded the Democratic Party of Japan, and together led it to election victory in 2009, ending nearly six decade rule by Liberal Democratic Party.

Kan has been criticised for his handling of the post-tsunami Japan especially the nuclear crisis.

He lost support even in his own party and last month offered to step down.

Inside Story - Libya's biggest hurdle

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Aug 26, 2011

The interim government has moved from Benghazi to Tripoli and is urging the world to release billions of dollars in frozen Libyan assets overseas. Is this the biggest challenge facing Libya as rebels gain further control of the capital?

Introducing Brett Le Brocque - and 5 new gold charts

“Human history is a race between education and catastrophe.”

That was H.G. Wells -­ and he could have been talking about investment, don’t you think?

If you’re interested in education when it comes to precious metals, I have good news for you today.

News: Brett Le Brocque has joined ABC Bullion

I’m delighted to let you know Brett has just joined ABC Bullion full time, as Chief Investment Analyst and head of ABC Bullion Investor Education team

Brett Le Brocque is Australia’s leading precious metals educator. (Some of you will have met or spoken to Brett at our Pitt St showroom.)

Brett’s aim is simple: to help you understand the precious metals market -­ and profit from that education.

Brett’s making quite an impact in the industry, just a couple of days ago he was on Channel 10, speaking about gold’s continued appreciation. Brett has been predicting the rise of gold for 4 years now, so understandably the media are showing some interest…

Today I want to give you a personal taste of why we’re fortunate to have Brett on board; and in a moment I’m also going to offer you exclusive access to 5 essential charts he’s put together for you.

These charts show you the real state of the precious metal market and the local Australian economy.

Above: The Le Brocque Ratio -­ Property / Gold

That’s the Le Brocque ratio – and it’s a great way of showing how Australian property is STILL overvalued relative to gold. Do you notice the long term cycles at work? And would you back Aussie property having seen this chart, and knowing the state of the economy?

This chart raised eyebrows at the Gold Symposium in November last year, as investors visiting from around the world came face to face with the real state of the world’s Fiat currencies (currency backed with nothing but a promise).

It’s also the chart that convinced me that Brett was the man to kick start our Investor Education Division.

Good news!

There are lots more insights where that came from. And you can be in the loop.

Introducing ABC Bullion Investor Education

You see, we are now planning a range of mentoring opportunities to suit you. There will be reports, alerts, webinars, live seminars and even one-to-one coaching by Brett and his team.

Some of these services will be free, and some may attract a small fee. But I’m convinced you’ll find ALL of them will offer great value if you are a serious investor.

Why is ABC Bullion Doing Investor Education?

You may be wondering why a bullion trading company like ABC Bullion would make such a major commitment to investor education.

Of course, we do have a vested interest in this plan, because the more we educate our clients, the more loyal they tend to become, and frankly, I see this it as a vital part of our effort to improve our services to you.

However, I do quite understand that investor education won’t be for everyone.

It’s for YOU!

Like all education, you need to put in some effort to get rewards, so this service is meant for any investor who is serious about getting a good investment education based on real fundamentals and “value investing.”

Above: Gold Bullion from ABC

The people who will benefit most are:

  • Mum & Dad investors looking to secure wealth.
  • Current investors in property or shares who want to learn about the broader investment market.
  • Self Managed Superannuation Fund trustees who want to know how bullion can improve their portfolio profile.
  • Young investors who want a strong foundational education on the fundamentals of investing.
  • Self-employed people who want to know to manage and protect their profit.
Register your interest now for earlybird information on Brett’s mentor programme (and 2011 Seminar planned for November) and you’ll instantly receive a free chart set from Brett Le Brocque’s personal chart collection.

These are 5 important charts from his sell-out seminar in Sydney last year:

Above: Your complimentary chart deck from Brett Le Brocque

Yes please - register my interest and send me my exclusive LeBrocque bonus slides immediately!

Your Bullion Mentor

Brett’s official title at ABC Bullion is Chief Investment Analyst. But you can think of him as your “Bullion Mentor”!

So Brett will also be available to help guide clients like you on actions you might want to take to protect and nurture your wealth.

And in the coming weeks, Brett will help coach savvy ABC Bullion investors in the trends and history of the market, and what that means for your portfolio.

Above: Brett Le Brocque in action: “The Rise and Rise of Gold” November 2010

What Have Golf and Investing Got In Common?

If you’ve ever played golf, you’ll know the importance of a personal, expert coach.

Someone who is highly knowledgeable when it comes to the technical side of the sport, but who is also able to translate this to your personal game so it makes a difference to you.

Brett is to an aspiring gold investor what an elite golf coach is to an aspiring professional golfer.

He’s you in-house “investment professional” and is here to care for, coach and guide ABC Bullion metals investors.

Why Would I Want A Mentor?

Great question. Over the past 7 months we’ve found investors like you are simply bursting with questions such as:

  • Why is silver rising so fast?
  • What is the outlook for gold?
  • What will happen to silver next?
  • When should I buy?
  • Should I borrow to buy?
  • When should I think about selling?
  • Can I use my Self Managed Super to invest in gold?
  • How much should I buy?
  • When should I sell?
  • How much should I store?
Some of these questions are relatively easy to answer for everybody. But some are more personal and can need more close-up support.

Does that sound like you?

Register your interest in the new Bullion Mentor 2011 Programme and the 2011 Seminar Series

We’re just putting together plans for the programme and would like to share it with you first as soon as we have all the details.

I’m Interested: Tell Me More About ABC BULLION “BULLION MENTOR”

Please note: By registering, you will be first to know about about the new mentor programmes (when we’ve finished working out the details). But you’ll be under no obligation, of course.

More About Brett Le Brocque

If you’ve read this far and STILL haven’t signed up, you might be waiting to learn a bit more about Brett.

With over 16 years of coaching experience, Brett has mentored thousands of investors though seminars and workshops all over Australia.

He’s shared the stage with the “original gold bug,” James Dines.

He conferences regularly with US-based David Morgan, one of the world’s top 3 experts on silver.

Brett has personally interviewed virtually all of the “greats” of investment – people such as Jim Rogers (US billionaire investor), Marc Faber (Asia-based Gloom Boom and Doom Report) and Richard Duncan (author of “The Dollar Crisis”).

And if you attended the packed-to-the-rafters “Rise and Rise of Gold” presentation, or The Gold Symposium 2010, you might remember Brett also predicted this year’s stunning rise in both gold and silver prices.

But that’s not all.

Brett is a qualified wealth advisor. But he’s not exactly the favourite son of the financial planning industry. After all, he’s happy to explain to the world the reasons most financial planners are still reluctant to advise clients to invest in physical metals. You guessed it – there’s no commission on gold!)

Perhaps most importantly for you, Brett is a straight-shooter.

He speaks in plain English and hates jargon, because as he points out, “jargon is how the investment-elite try to restrict access to the sheer power of information”.

Oh, and as an aside, Brett loves golf.

So, I hope you’ll join with me in welcoming Brett to our community of ABC Bullion investors, and I personally encourage you to register right now to express your interest in our Investor Education and Bullion Mentor Programmes.

Yours for investment success,

Australian Bullion Company (NSW) Pty Ltd

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