Saturday, June 18, 2011

Banker Infestation? - call in Dmitri

Jim Sinclair - On Gold & QE

Jim Sinclair discusses the end of QE2, the Gold market and how the markets are on the edge of a cliff with Eric King.....listen here

Take away quote:

"The problem is so serious, the problem is so present time, the problem is so real that, it has inherent in it, the probability that the economy is not going to have a significant recovery for more than a decade. And the standard of living in the United States, the standard of many who are reading this now, especially those who have taken no measures whatsoever to protect themselves, who simply look at it as reading something of interest but not really acting on it, is going to be so significantly impacted as to make the middle-class or higher middle-class join the serf class. This is as serious as it gets."
- Jim Sinclair

Weekend Chillout

With the Revolution in full swing in Greece, this week's chillout is dedicated to those wanting to free themselves of the vulture class.

The Beatles - Revolution:

Max Keiser & Alex Jones on the Greek Revolution

Greenspan Says Greece Default ‘Almost Certain,’ May Trigger U.S. Recession

From Bloomberg:

Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman, said a default by Greece is “almost certain” and could help drive the U.S. economy into recession.

“The problem you have is that it’s extremely unlikely the political system will work” in a way that solves Greece’s crisis, Greenspan, 85, said in an interview today with Charlie Rose in New York. “The chances of Greece not defaulting are very small.”

Greek government bonds slumped, pushing the yield on the two-year note above 30 percent for the first time, as Prime Minister George Papandreou’s failure to win support for more austerity fueled speculation the European country will fail to meet its obligations. More than 20,000 people protested in Athens this week against wage reductions and tax increases, with police using tear gas on crowds and strikes paralyzing ports, banks, hospitals and state-run companies.

The chances of Greece defaulting are “so high that you almost have to say there’s no way out,” said Greenspan, who ran the central bank from 1987 to 2006. That may leave some U.S. banks “up against the wall.” on