Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Aussie Red Wine Takes Out One of Australia's Most Powerful Politicians

An Australian investment grade red wine has lead to the resignation of one of Australia's most powerful politicians, the Premier of the state of New South Wales (Australia's most populated state, twice the size of Germany), Barry O'Farrell. Barry resigned after stating earlier this week to a anti-corruption hearing that he did not recall ever receiving a gift of a 1959 Penfolds Grange valued at $3,000. Unfortunately for Barry today a thank you note from him to the gift giver was produced in the hearing, leading to the following announcement.

Australian Red Wine, is there nothing it cannot do?
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Peter Schiff schools an Aussie on Gold

As an Australian living in the world's second largest gold producing country, a country who's No.3 export earner is gold the following video is embarrassing to say the least.

1oz Silver = 200lb Salt ?

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Ukrainian Separatists chase off Government tank with a Trabbie