Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mike Maloney - Banking Crisis: Bernanke Bust is Here

From Mike Maloney

The Science Delusion - Rupert Sheldrake at TEDx Whitechapel

Silver Shortage Will Destroy Paper Price Within 1 Year - Steve St. Angelo

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David Icke on Syria

From davidicke

Silver On Track To Be Best Performing Precious Metal This Year

From Kitco NEWS

Mike Maloney - How China Will Blow Up Australia

From Mike Maloney


Jeffrey Lewis - Silver & Hyperinflation


Gerald Celente: This is a Turning Point Event

From The Daily

SD Metals and Markets - Silver Shortage Shows Signs of Easing

From SilverDoctors

Weekend Chillout - Frances Madden and Band

I was fortunate enough to see Frances Madden and band perform outdoors at the Parramatta Lanes Festival on Friday night. Great venue, sun setting over St Andrews cathedral and Australia's greatest jazz band out front. If you would like to see Frances Madden and band perform their next concert is at the newly renovated Basement nightclub next Saturday night 17th Oct, details here

Photos 1 & 3 by Harris Madden, photo 2 by your blogger

Filmed at Foundry616, Sydney