Monday, May 7, 2012

Selling the Family Silver

This is more a story of desperation in depression hit Britain than "high silver prices", after all silver is down 50% (in at least Aussie$) from the highs in 2011.

Pepe Escobar: Hollande wants to end dollar era, will clash with US

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Francois Hollande has defeated Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential runoff, making him the latest EU leader to be swept aside by the crippling debt crisis. Among the first steps the President-elect is planning, is to push back against German-led austerity measures. Chancellor Angela Merkel has already invited Hollande to Berlin for talks.

Asia Times roving correspondent, Pepe Escobar, says clashes over Hollande's foreign policy are expected both in Europe and overseas.

Francois Hollande elected as French president

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Pro-bailout parties weakened in Greece vote

May 6, 2012 by
Greeks have voted heavily against austerity measures in Sunday's parliamentary poll. The country's two main political parties, both backers of the eurozone's stringent bailout scheme, suffered a dramatic fall in support. With no outright majority, the next government will most likely be a coalition.

Martin Armstrong - The Rule of Law

By Martin Armstrong:

One of the most critical last straws that accompany the collapse of every empire is the demise of the Rule of Law. The gentle but powerful influence of laws and manners are what gradually cement the union of the people into a nation and nations into empires. Once the Rule of Law collapses at the hand of corruption, and government rules only in its own favor, then ignoring the very purpose of civilization, everything starts to unravel. The disintegration of society, investment, and property and the reason for coming together ceases to exist. The Rule of Law is an agreement that this is how contracts shall be honored and the economy will expand because there is a common ground.

Read Martin's report here

James Dines on Europe, US and Gold

James Dines discusses the depression in Europe, currency debasement and Gold with Eric King of KWN. Listen to interview here

Crucial Presidential Vote in France

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SBSS 25. The Silver Door Is Closing

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