Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Chillout - Frances Madden at The Basement

Sorry for missing the Chillout last weekend but I was at an amazing Frances Madden jazz concert last Saturday night at The Basement nightclub. For more photos go to Frances's facebook page here

If you enjoy the Frances Madden sound you can purchase her CD here or simply search for her on iTunes and Google Play.

photo by Jeff Lewis
photo by David Vagg
photo by Jeff Lewis
photo by Rodric White
photo by David Vagg
photo by Greg Hudson

Pic of the Week

Clarke and Dawe - In Full Sail as We Head for Open Water

Friday fun....

From ClarkeAndDawe

Published on Oct 21, 2015"Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister" Originally aired on ABC TV: 22/10/2015

Russian Bombing In Syria Pushes The 'IS' Into Libya

From X22Report

David Morgan on Silver

From WallStForMainSt