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Kyle Bass Interviewed

Nov 20, 2012 by DardenMBA

Kyle Bass has a conversation with Darden professor Ken Eades at the Darden School of Business University Investing Confernece 2012.

The Doc, T. Ferguson, & Andy Hoffman discuss metals

Nov 20, 2012 by AltInvestorshangout

SOLA 5.6 Usury and Religion

Nov 20, 2012 by TruthNeverTold

Brother JohnF - Silver Update

Nov 20, 2012 by BrotherJohnF

RBI bans loans to buy gold

Yes you wouldn't want to make loans against something of true value who's price keeps pace or exceeds the inflation rate. Much better to make loans against items who's value is guaranteed to eventually fall to zero, like cars and furniture.

From The Times of India

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MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday notified a total ban on banks from advancing any loans to its customers for purchasing gold in any form, which includes primary gold, gold bullion, gold jewellery, gold coins, units of gold Exchange Traded Funds ( ETF) and units of gold mutual funds.

In its October 30 policy meet, the central bank had announced this decision. However, the banking regulator said that banks are allowed to give loans for "genuine working capital requirements to jewellers".

The notification was issued after it was found that there was a significant rise in the import of gold into India in recent years. The step by the central bank came on concerns that direct bank financing for the purchase of gold in any form — that is bullion, primary gold, jewellery , gold coin, etc — could lead to fuelling of demand for gold in the country.

CGSE to launch spot, Yuan based Silver trade in HK next year

HONG KONG(BullionStreet):

Growing demand for silver prompted Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society to launch a spot silver trading service in the first half of next year in Hong Kong.

CGSE also said it would consider launching yuan-denominated silver trading later under this new platform. The silver contract will be traded in 10 kilograms as one board lot while physical delivery must be at least 30 kilograms.

The CGSE is the only authorized spot gold exchange in Hong Kong. The CGSE currently offers spot gold trading denominated in both the Hong Kong dollar and yuan.

The CGSE launched the "Renminbi Kilobar Gold Contract" trading platform in 2011 that facilitated gold trading in the yuan currency for the first time in the city.

Capital Account on Australia's HFT Kill Switch

Capital Account discusses Australia's High Frequncy Trading "kill switch" as mentioned in this post

Nov 20, 2012 by CapitalAccount

Australian Government approves 'kill switch' power on high-speed trading

High Frequency Trading in Qualcomm shares


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THE federal government has approved new rules clamping down on high-frequency share trading, in response to fears the market's integrity was being threatened.

Financial Services Minister Bill Shorten on Tuesday said the policies - including mandatory ''kill switches'' for algorithmic trading - would improve Australia's chances of avoiding a ''flash crash'', seen in the United States in 2010.

Investor groups, some banks and the Australian Securities Exchange have called in recent months for tighter regulation of high-speed trading, saying the practice posed risks to market stability.

In response, the government on Tuesday gave the Australian Securities and Investments Commission new powers to police the use of computerised algorithms, as well as tighter rules on trading in ''dark pools''.

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Alex Jones interviews Webster Tarply

Nov 20, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel

In this interview, Dr. Tarpley reviews the writings of John P. Holdren, the current White House science advisor. This interview conclusively exposes scientific elite's true agenda, world-wide genocide and the formation of a global government to rule.

Ryan Brooks and Chris Duane - Silver Salvation

Nov 20, 2012 by TruthNeverTold

Market Pulse - A Gallic shrug for French downgrade

Nov 20, 2012 by ReutersVideo

Moody's strips France of its AAA rating, but investors largely take it in their stride.

Gerald Celente - The Beginning Of WWIII

Nov 20, 2012 by trendsjournal

"Israel's attack of Gaza & how World War III will rise out of these unfortunate events."

Rick Rule - Bear Markets like a Good Sale

Nov 20, 2012 by KitcoNews

Keiser Report - Twinkies, Finance, Scandal

Nov 20, 2012 by RussiaToday

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert present a success story for the three year anniversary of the Keiser Report and that is that the banksters are going the way of Twinkies, Ho Ho's and Ding Dongs - OUT OF BUSINESS! And just as the junk food and fake bread of the Hostess products caused obesity and diabetes in Americans, so too did the junk bonds and toxic derivatives of the bankers and central bankers cause a flabby, obese and diabetic finance sector in London and New York.

In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Ross Ashcroft, writer and director of FOUR HORSEMEN, about why many people didn't see the financial crisis and what can be done to regain control of the financial system.

Hillary Clinton meets Israeli PM Netanyahu

Nov 20, 2012 by AlJazeeraEnglish

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets Israeli PM Netanyahu for a press conference in Jerusalem.