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Eye of the Sparrow

Simply brilliant.

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How the US sees Australian Politics

If Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur love Julia Gillard, how much would have they loved former Prime Ministers John Howard and Paul Keating? Notice how the are no teleprompters for Aussie politicians.

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John Howard 1994

 Paul Keating 1994

Gangnam Style - "Aussie Battler Style"

This video is so silly I couldn't resist posting it.

New leadership unlikely to breathe life into China markets

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The last time China had a party congress, stocks were on a tear - but things are different now, and the upcoming leadership transition is unlikely to create market cheer. Tara Joseph reports.

Fraudulent bankers should be jailed, survey says

Oct 9, 2012 by Most Europeans think fraudulent bankers and traders found to have manipulated market rules such as Libor should face jail, according to a new survey. The poll, and a petition, comes as MEPs in Brussels backed criminal penalties, including minimum prison terms, for the most serious financial crimes.

US attempts to set stage for NATO intervention in Syria

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A prominent political analyst says the United States seeks a Libya-style NATO intervention in Syria, eventually setting the stage for a broader regional war.

Keiser Report: Bust-a-Bankster

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In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss whether it's time to start loving bankers as former Mayor Ken Livingstone suggests and they also wonder if the flying naked short selling witch caught by religious police in Saudi Arabia is, in fact, Blythe Masters covering an oil trade. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Aston Walker - aka the Birmingham Looter - about whether he was ever offered a deferred prosecution agreement for his crime of looting during the 2011 riots and ask whether he would have been granted immunity had he offered the loot as an infinitely rehypothecated collateralized looted H&M clothes bonds.

Athens Anger - Greek police rhetoric reminds of military dictatorship

A good Greek riot is never complete without Sara Firth getting tear gassed. She is the one of best front line reporters in the world, good to see her back in Athens.

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Police fired tear gas as angry protesters clashed with officers in Athens as thousands rallied in the Greek capital in protest against German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit. Merkel is in Athens for austerity talks with the country's Prime Minister.

Lady Gaga supports Assange

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US Hyperinflation in 1 Year? John Williams Interview

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Capital Account - Financial War in Iran, Riots in Greece and Jobless Conspiracies in the US

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Gold vs Super Prime Real Estate in London

It seems Gold can even outperform Russian billionaire exiles and Icelandic bankers fleeing justice by more than a factor of 2 to 1. Nice to see you can still make money with little effort and zero guilt. Also it means you don't have to bathe in what looks like an super sized squat toilet bowl.