Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Warren Buffett Envies Gold Investors

Brett Le Brocque, Chief Investment Analyst at ABC Bullion, explains why Warren Buffett is so hesitant about investing in precious metals.

In this video Brett mentions the following articles:

"Why Stocks Beat Gold and Bonds", by Warren Buffett
As featured in Fortune Magazine, February 27, 2012

"Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money"
By Howard Buffett
As featured in The Commercial and Financial Chronicle, 6th May, 1948

How a Radical Greek Rescue Plan Fell Short


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ATHENS—Two years after Europe bailed Greece out to protect the euro, the rescue has become a debacle that threatens to unravel the common currency.

After Greece's May 6 elections left pro-bailout parties too weakened to govern the country, more elections are likely in June, with no guarantee a stable government will emerge. By next month, Athens must identify €11.5 billion, or $15 billion, in fresh spending cuts or face suspension of the international loans it needs to pay pensions and run schools. If it doesn't get the money, it would eventually have to print its own.

Greece's growing turmoil is the culmination of a radical austerity experiment and botched economic overhaul that have pushed the nation to the brink of social and political breakdown. The story of the ill-fated bailout suggests that forcing deep austerity on individual member states won't save the euro and may worsen its crisis.

Above all, Greece's example illustrates the conflict between Germany's tough terms for aiding other euro members and the amount of pain other societies can bear. Greece's fate shows that what it takes to sell bailouts to a skeptical German public can be politically calamitous in Europe's indebted south.

"The program is suicidal, not only for Greece but for the euro," says Louka Katseli, a former Greek economy minister. "In Spain, Portugal, Italy—everywhere, the same mistake is being made," she says, referring to the European Union's insistence on slashing spending in a recession.

Nigel Farage: "The EU Titanic Has Now Hit The Iceberg"


In one of his most passionate speeches (which says a lot), UKIP's Nigel Farage, on the May 9th celebration of the Euro, tells his European Parliament colleagues of his grave concern at therecent elections - which are very reminiscent of the elections in Germany in 1932. He warns that Europe faces the very real prospect of mass civil unrest and even revolution as the Euro project itself could even be the cause of (in it perfect irony as the initial solution to) a rebirth of national socialism in Europe. Farage pulls no punches but in three minutes provides a clear picture of just how concerned anyone who is not merely a head-in-the-sand status-quo muddle-through'er should be with regards Europe: "It is a European union of economic failure, of mass unemployment, and of low growth"

May 9, 2012 by europarl

Sentiment for Gold is at Rock Bottom - John Hathaway

May 9, 2012 by CaseyResearchFAN

Sprott Berates Berkshire's Buffoons And Says "All Markets Are Manipulated"

Brother JohnF's Silver Update - GDP Games

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