Friday, January 4, 2013

Breaking The Set - American Violence, Damaging Paranoia, Fiscal Cliff Fail

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Capital Account with Arretez les Presses

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Jim Rogers' Gold Outlook for 2013

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Run Away Screaming - Gold is in a Bubble

OMG almost 1% of the world's investable fiat money has been converted to gold and its price has risen whilst paper assets have fallen, Gold must be in a Bubble!

The little guy is selling the last scraps of his gold and the Asian Central Banks are buying gold, Gold must be in a Bubble!

For even more scathing critiques of this piece of pulp fiction read the reviews on Amazon:

Gold Bubble by Yoni Jacobs

The Fiscal Takeover

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The Total Breakdown of Society

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Sydney - The World's Most Beautiful Bathtub

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