Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Keiser Report

In the latest Keiser Report Max & Stacy discuss financial terrorists on Wall St, later Max interviews the film maker of the Indonesian Gold Dinar doco featured on this blog a few days here

Precious metals are best performing assets

From the UK Telegraph: Precious metals such as gold were the best performing asset class of the first half of the year, according to research by Lloyds on

Adjusting for Inflation

Often analysis on Gold & Silver mentions the 1980's high's - almost always from an US$ point of reference, I thought I would try to bring in a Australian perspective to the discussion.

In AUD$ term the high point for both Gold and Silver (closing Ask price) in the 1980’s was on 21/01/1980.

Gold closed on that day at AUD$752/oz

Silver closed on that day at AUD$46.37/oz

A point to note, the AUD$ was worth more than the US$ in 1980.

Click on the graphs above (maybe sit down first) to see the inflation adjusted price in 2009 dollars.

Watch your Money Disappear

I had chance to re-read today one of Peter Souleles's most succinct pieces on Inflation and the protection offered by Gold & Silver. A must it here