Friday, August 12, 2016

Gold for Australian Investors by Jordan Eliseo and Nicholas Frappell

Gold for Australian Investors is the first book written specifically for local investors wanting to better understand how the gold market works. Written by ABC Bullion Chief Economist Jordan Eliseo, the book looks at the performance of Australian dollar gold over the last 45 years; its interaction with other asset classes, and the benefit the precious metal can bring to Australian investors holding it as a core asset in their portfolio.

The book covers in detail:
- How the physical gold markets works, from mining to refining, to trading and daily liquidity
- Demand trends amongst gold buyers
- The major myths regarding gold investment
- The benefits of including physical gold in your portfolio
- Examples of successful investors with strategic gold holdings
- Solutions for Australian investors including SMSF trustees and managed funds
- An interview with an Australian portfolio manager investing in gold
- Why gold and gold stocks should be looked at as different asset classes
- A case study looking at an Australian gold investor

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Weekend Chillout - Autumn Leaves

Nice mellow version of a classic tune, done as a nice organic Cm waltz.
Some good interplay, for example from 7:56 between Kitty and the awesome Ed Jones on tenor sax.
Download the audio track as an MP3 FREE here:

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