Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gerald Celente - The Power Hour with Joyce Riley

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Unknown Number of Dead in Texas Blast

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DL Wilson of the Texas Department of Public Safety says it's unknown how many people may have died in a massive fertilizer explosion near Waco, Texas. He compared the destruction to situations in Iraq and the Oklahoma City bombing.

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Rick Santelli - What if its the "wrong medicine?"

Nigel Farage on the EU Common Criminals

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After the Gold Rout: Blame Central Bank Manipulation, Says GATA’s Powell

Chris Powell of discusses the recent fall in the gold price. Click on image to access video.

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Bargain hunters join the gold rush as prices drop


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Sales of gold bullion and gold chains are boiling over as Sydney buyers rush to buy at bargain prices of around $1332 an ounce, about $200 cheaper than four days ago and $400 cheaper than when the price peaked two years ago.

Not since the global financial crisis have the phones rung so hot from gold buyers, said Jordan Eliseo, chief economist of the Australian Bullion Company on Pitt Street.

Sales had been so strong the company's phone system nearly crashed. The company had to hire temps to deal with customers phoning and waiting in queues of up to 60 to 80 to get into the company's already crowded salesrooms.

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Andy and Sean - The End Game

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