Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Max Keiser: 'Fiscal Cliff' theater distracting from real problems

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Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab

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Brother JohnF - Silver Update: Fiscal Clowns

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Russia celebrates the arrival of 2013

2012: As seen on ABC News

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Top Post on Silver Doctors in 2012 is.....

Silver Doctors top post for 2012 was a story I sent The Doc in March (see here), I am glad to see that The Doc received twice as many hits for the post than Zero Hedge did for the same story. A big thanks to The Doc and silverdoctors.com for all their support this year.

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Gold and Silver for 2012

Whilst Gold and Silver price rises did not set the world on fire this year they did fare better than "safe" paper alternatives.

ING Direct - USA

Market Pulse: Gold headed for $1,800, cliff-pocalypse or not

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Happy 2013

Wishing all my blog readers a successful 2013, may your precious metal investments outshine their paper proxies.

NYE on Sydney Harbour: