Friday, June 25, 2010

Silver to out perform Gold?

Silver will outperform gold as the yellow metal becomes ever more expensive and investors focus on silver’s industrial on

World Gold Council govt. holdings - June 2010

The strong $

Keiser Report: Gold & the Poverty Industry

An excellent introduction to the Keiser Report, a twice weekly economic discussion and interview satellite TV show on RT. RT is Russia's version (in English) of BBC World....view here

Chinese demand for gold to double within 10 years - WGC

Chinese demand for gold to double within 10 years - Latest World Gold Council analysis suggests medium term outlook for Chinese gold mining supply will be challenging Chinese gold demand growth expected to outstrip domestic on

Strong gold demand seen in 2010

JEDDAH - The World Gold Council (WGC) expects that demand for gold will be strong during on

Rise Of The New Gold Rush

They called us "kooks" and "crackpots". They said our ideas were outdated and incompatible with modern finance. They said it wouldn't last. Oh yes, Gold, they said, was a silly investment with no inherent value, and soon, precious metals investors would be "wiped out" by the "inevitable implosion of the gold bubble" (gold bubble....?) on

Mum's the Word

Veteran Silver market commentator and activist Ted Butler's latest essay on possible Silver market manipulation (note: Ted's comments are his own and are in no way endorsed by Australian Bullion Company, they are provided for purely information purposes) on