Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pam Aden: Gold and Silver not in a Bubble yet

CrossTalk on Libya war: The neverending story?

From: RussiaToday | Jul 1, 2011

An intervention that was supposed to last several days has already exceeded 3 months. What is the goal of the operation and is there any strategy? What will France achieve by handing arms to the rebels? And does NATO have a clear vision of how to end the conflict without killing more civilians?

Libyan update - 'Our mistake was being tolerant with the West'

From: RussiaToday | Jul 1, 2011

With the war in Libya at the focal point of international relations, RT's gained access to Colonel Gaddafi's son in NATO-targeted Tripoli. Saif al-Islam thinks his country's wanted for its riches, but says the people won't let Libya fall under foreign control.

Thailand's 'War on Terror' claims more lives

From: RussiaToday | Jun 24, 2011

Triple explosions in Thailand's restive South have killed two civilians and injured a dozen of security officers, including bomb disposal specialists. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal units rushed to the scene near an irrigation canal in remote Tak Bai district after the first explosion, which killed two irrigation workers and injured other five people. As the bomb squads were checking the incident, another explosion occurred one kilometre away from the first explosion scene, wounding a military officer. Investigators said the improvised bomb was detonated by a mobile phone. The explosive specialists also found the third bomb three meters away from the second one, but failed to defuse it in time. The blast instantly injured six officers.

Warning the video contains graphic images of an IED exploding and resulting casualties

From: RussiaToday | Jul 2, 2011

A bomb squad officer was lucky to escape serious injury when a car exploded in Thailand's restive south on Friday. The officer, wearing a protective suit, was attempting to open the front passenger door of the parked car when the bomb exploded. Closed-circuit television footage showed the officer being thrown to the ground, but then picking himself up and walking away unhurt. Police later found an improvised explosive device in the vehicle. The incident was one of three attacks by suspected Muslim militants on government offices in the province of Narathiwat on Friday.

Max Keiser blows out about the Banksters in Athens

UK gets Gold ATM

So London gets its first Gold ATM (really just a cigarette machine on steroids). Interesting to note a few things about the story in the video below:
  1. No mention of silver, photos of the Gold ATM I have seen in Germany shows that it sells silver bullion as well as gold, maybe the promoter and reporter assumed that the average UK viewer would struggle with concept of a metal being considered precious let alone being told there is more than one precious metal!
  2. The ATM is located in an Aussie owned Westfield shopping centre (nice touch)
  3. The reporter is a t*sser for being shocked about the margin on a 1g gold bar compared to a 400oz (12,440g) paper gold bar which is traded on the rigged LME, which doesn't physically exist and 99%+ of "trades" settle in fiat cash or other such toxic derivatives. Doesn't he realize that some poor bugger in South Africa had to travel 2 hours down a mine shaft 5 km below the earth then 7km along the vein and then smash up 200kg of granite and haul it back to the surface to provide him with that 1g bar - and he is shocked that it cost 47GBP! (note ABC Bullion charges only 45GBP for a 1g PAMP Swiss gold bar in a packet and it is vended by hand, me)
  4. Whilst strenuously trying not to make any blonde hair references it is an interesting anthropological study to compare the guy who was buying gold and felt that gold would definitely trade higher in the future vs. the woman who had sold her gold and had no need for it. No mention that the UK had the world's reserve currency until they become the then world's largest debtor and went off the Gold Standard in 1931, resulting in the UK going from a beacon of hope to a sodden little island off France.
Video from the UK Telegraph, the associated print story can be read here

Peter Schiff on QE, US$ and Gold

Peter Schiff talks to Eric King of King World News about QE, US$ and the possibility of $5000/oz gold......listen hereLink

Reserve bank of Australia explained

From a few years ago but still one of my favourite economic comedy sketches.

The Truth does not fear investigation

Ron Paul on Libya

From: CongressmanRonPaul | Jul 1, 2011

Congressman Paul during the floor debate on a resolution that would authorize the administration's Libya campaign. It was defeated 295-123

Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: The Command Destruction Economy

by on Jul 1, 2011

US drops 99 CIA abuse cases