Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bill Murphy on Goldseek radio

Martin Armstrong - Did Standard & Poor Shoot itself in the foot by downgrading the USA from AAA to AA+?

Martin Armstrong's take on the S&P credit rating downgrade of the US.

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Interview with Kevin Innes -- Liberty Dollar "Criminal"

From: SilverCircleMovie | Jul 1, 2011

Kevin Innes on June 9, 2009 was taken into custody and locked up into a max security prison in North Carolina for being a part of a voluntary exchange business, promoting precious metals as an alternative currency. Watch the interview and share your thoughts. After head to to meet the Rebels that will be doing this same thing in 2019 to take down the Federal Reserve.

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101 East - Australia's boomtown curse

Always interesting to see your own country though another's eyes. I recommend to view this video in full screen and at 720p as the photography and clarity are superb.

Jim Rogers on Australian TV

From 5 Aug 2011:

Inside Story - Financial market meltdown

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Aug 6, 2011

Chinese anger over US debt

From: Euronews | Aug 6, 2011

China has expressed strong concern at the downgrading of America's triple A credit rating by Standard and Poor.

U.S. credit downgrading may hurt economic recovery

European leaders look to stave off further market falls

From: Euronews | Aug 6, 2011

Conflicting and confused messages from Europe's policy makers have raised concerns that next week may worsen the eurozone debt crisis.

What would you replace the dollar with?