Friday, April 15, 2011

Mike Maloney Schools Bankers on Deflation, Gold and Silver

Mike Maloney from Sep, 2010

No sign of a bubble in Gold

From Arabian Money:

Traders in Dubai’s famous Old Gold Souk told ArabianMoney this week that trading volumes are a little below those of a year ago, but the value of transactions is significantly higher due to the rise in the gold price.

In a gold bubble surely you would expect some increase in the volume of trading in one of the world’s oldest gold markets in the City of Gold. The souk is a magnet for buyers from around the world and particularly from Arabia.

Gold buyers

You see Saudis with their wives buying up jewelry at near bullion prices. Russians cashing out of dollars. Curious Asian tourists buying coins on the spur of the moment. Yet there just are not enough of them for gold to be in a on

Mike Maloney - The Case For Short Term Deflation

Weekend Chillout - The marching song of the SLA?

This week I couldn't go past the classic Australian rock song "Holy Grail". With the launch of the Silver Liberation Army (SLA) website and blog in recent weeks, I thought it only natural that a Army needs some marching songs, maybe this could be the first.

Holy Grail ~ Hunters And Collectors

Woke up this morning,
from the strangest dream
I was in the biggest army,
The world has ever seen
We were marching as one,
on the road to the holy grail

Started out,
Seeking fortune and glory
It's a short song, but it's one
Hell of a story, when you
Spend your lifetime trying to get
Your hands on the Holy Grail

Well have you heard of the Great Crusade?
We ran into millions, and nobody got paid
Yeah, we razed four corners of the globe,
For the Holy Grail.......

Thanks to Blueons for the song suggestion. Buy Silver, have faith.

Gold smashes through $1475, Silver smashes and holds $42