Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Richard Daughty interviewed on how we are all Freaking Doomed

Richard Daughty is interviewed on the Dan Cofall Show. Listen to the interview here (interview date 15 July 2014).

A New Peaceful, Tranquil Mogambo?

The odd genius of Richard Daughty

July 28, 2014
By: The Mogambo Guru

I now belatedly realize, with crystal clarity, that being an “inert carbon blob” is a reachable goal for me. Thus, ‘tis my new plan for my remaining retirement years, since it has no age restrictions, takes no effort, and has zero cost, but, happily, does involve a lot of TV and tasty snacks.

I am re-evaluating such things now, now that my wonderful plans to be a rich champion golfer/ rich movie star/ rich love god/ rich living legend/ rich international playboy are all in utter ruins, thanks to a profound lack of any discernable talent, looks, intelligence, money or actual effort on my part.

Now that I am starting to accept my fate, I am much more serenely Buddha-like, and less concerned that the Federal Reserve and the federal government have been proven to be corrupt, treacherous liars colluding to continually deficit-spend a trillion dollars per year, using nefarious, slimy and heretofore illegal secret tactics made legal under a cancerous expansion of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, in order to desperately prevent any losses (“deflation”) in debt instruments, equity shares or housing prices, because that is where everybody’s money is. Nowadays, I am much more calm about things, as shown by my seeming nonchalance at the evil Federal Reserve increasing Total Fed Credit by another $14 billion last week, and $12 billion the week before that, or how the monetary base jumped to over $4 trillion last week, a mighty rise of $114 billion in, as I said, One Freaking Week (OFW)....read on

Martin Armstrong interviewed on Financial Survival Network

Martin discusses equity and gold markets, and the influence of cycles. Listen to the FSN interview here

SGTReport on MH17

From SGTreport.com

Bull Market in AK-47s - Buying frenzy sparked by sanctions against Russia

Oh the irony, US imposes sanctions against the Russian manufacturer of the Kalashnikov rifle and Americans rush out to buy the last few left on the shelves. Just like JFK did with Cuban cigars prior to sanctions on Cuba.

From RT America