Thursday, November 6, 2014

Inside The Shanghai Gold Exchange Vaults

From Koos Jansen

Bix Weir - Cartel Guts Metals, Greenspan goes Pro-Gold


Published on Nov 2, 2014

According to Zero Hedge, last Thursday "Someone/something decided it was an opportune time to dump thousands of contracts of gold and silver futures" causing gold and silver to plummet. And on Friday, things only got worse with silver slicing through $16 at one point and gold breaking below $1170. Meanwhile Alan Greenspan is publicly proclaiming the attributes of gold both for Central Banks and individual citizens, just as Bix Weir predicted. Bix joins Sean to discuss the end of our fiat Ponzi system as they debate his theory that former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan planned to return us to a gold standard all along.

John Embry - SLV May Be Empty Because of Global Silver Demand

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