Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Liberty needs to be exercised else it atrophies

Whilst somewhat off topic the maintenance of liberty is topic a of interest to many precious metals investors. Whilst the photographers in this piece were deliberately stirring the possum, the reaction was typical of many types employed in the security industry. Having both worked as a documentary cameraman in the eighties and in security of more recent times I would like to make the following observations. In the eighties my team were often questioned by security whilst doing location shots or talk to camera interviews in public spaces, so this issue is nothing new. Although in the eighties a team of 3 people, one struggling with a shoulder mounted camera, another with betamax recorder the size of small suitcase and a sound guy with a microphone an elephant would be proud of did tend to stand out like dog's.....

As to security, once they leave the private property, on which they are acting on behalf of the owner, they have no more rights than any other member of the public, and the cameramen in this video would have had the right to tell them to get nicked, the fact they didn't reflects very well on the profession.

If someone with a "photographic memory" wishes to look at a building, do they require the building owners permission before they look?

Panic on the streets of London

Brilliant post from London based blogger Penny Red:

In the scramble to comprehend the riots, every single commentator has opened with a ritual condemnation of the violence, as if it were in any doubt that arson, muggings and lootings are ugly occurrences. That much should be obvious to anyone who is watching Croydon burn down on the BBC right now. David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, called the disorder 'mindless, mindless'. Nick Clegg denounced it as 'needless, opportunistic theft and violence'. Speaking from his Tuscan holiday villa, Prime Minister David Cameron – who has finally decided to return home to take charge - declared simply that the social unrest searing through the poorest boroughs in the country was "utterly unacceptable." The violence on the streets is being dismissed as ‘pure criminality,’ as the work of a ‘violent minority’, as ‘opportunism.’ This is madly insufficient. It is no way to talk about viral civil unrest. Angry young people with nothing to do and little to lose are turning on their own communities, and they cannot be stopped, and they know it. Tonight, in one of the greatest cities in the world, society is ripping itself apart.
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Jim Rickards - 'All currencies are going down against Gold'

A classic MSM interview. Line up the talking heads to outnumber the guest 4 to 1, then get them to bag gold and put the guest on the defensive. I think I had it easy last time I was on TV in that the talking heads were just clueless and the weather girl actually knew something.

US Dollar Falls on Fed’s Pledge to Maintain Key Interest Rate at a Record Low

So much for the Swiss nuking their currency 5 days post here

From Bloomberg:

The dollar tumbled the most in at least 40 years against the Swiss franc after the Federal Reserve pledged to keep its key interest rate at a record low at least through mid-2013 to revive the flagging economic recovery.

The greenback declined versus the majority of its most- traded peers as the Fed said growth was “considerably slower” than it expected and it’s prepared to use a range of policy tools to boost the economy. The meeting came a day after economic weakening and a Standard & Poor’s U.S. credit-rating cut spurred a global stock rout. Commodity currencies recouped losses sustained just after the meeting. Stocks and gold surged.

“With the Fed saying they have tools available that they are willing to use and giving a more definitive time frame, that is overall going to be a dollar negative,” said John Doyle, a strategist in Washington at the currency-trading firm Tempus Consulting Inc. “Swiss franc and gold have absolutely been the beneficiaries of uncertainty.” on

Marc Faber on Fed Decision, Treasury Market and Gold

Aug. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, discusses today's Federal Reserve policy decision and the prospects for another asset-purchase program by the Fed. Faber, talking with Carol Massar and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart," also talks about the Treasury market and investing in gold.

Is your portfolio as 'Good as Gold' ?

ASX200 YOY (click for clear image)

Gold price in AUD YOY (click for clear image)

Mainstream Media can't handle the truth

Keiser Report: False Flag Finance

by on Aug 9, 2011

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report from New York City on privatization drives, gold coins and debt deals. In the second half of the show Max talks to financial journalist, Teri Buhl, about the latest in the lawsuits against Bear Stearns.