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Capital Account - The Precious Metal Barter Tax and IRS Mission Creep

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Snakes found in the ABC Bullion Showroom

Snakes have been found in a Sydney office block at 88 Pitt St, strangly they were only located on level 6.

The days of Money

There was a time long, long ago when Australian banks dealt in Money, not Currency - oh for the good 'ol days.

Photos from the museum display in the Westpac Bank branch at 341 George St, Sydney, Australia

All that Glitters is not Gold there are Australian Opals as well

At the Gold Symposium I met the delightful John & Sophia Provatidis, opal miners and retailers in Coober Pedy, South Australia. They were so nice they let me handle and photograph their 2 signature pieces at the show. They retail in Coober Pedy and from their 1880's heritage home in Adelaide. Their website is

ABC Bullion Wins Australian Bullion Dealer of the Year 2012

ABC Bullion won the Australian Bullion Dealer of Year award last night. A huge thanks to all our clients and partners for their amazing support this year, without you this award and our success would not be possible.

Jean Kittson at Gold Symposium, Sydney 2012

I attended the Gold Symposium awards dinner at Luna Park, Sydney last night. The MC for the night was the amazing Australian comedian Jean Kittson from The Big Gig.

I would like to apologise for the poor quality of the image due to not having a tripod, using the digital zoom, but mostly due to the deleterious effects of the excellent Hunter Valley shiraz that was being served with dinner.

Capital Account - Doug Casey on how to Hedge Against Political Risk in the Greater Depression

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Keiser Report: Asphyxiation Nation

Excellent episode. This is why Max rarely gets politicians on his show, his tendency to berate them with the truth is overpowering.

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In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss mugging hoodies and asphyxiating economies with cynical bank fiddles and institutionalized fraud. They also review the past 18 months in which "Barclays has been exposed for ripping off the elderly, avoiding £500million in tax, mis-selling payment protection insurance to the tune of £1.5billion, manipulating crucial interest rates and now mis-selling loans to small firms." In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Kwasi Kwarteng, a Member of Parliament in the UK and author of Britannia Unchained, about the golden egg of fraud in the City of London.