Monday, April 9, 2012

CrossTalk: Gross Happiness

on Apr 9, 2012

How legitimate is the Gross National Happiness Index? Is it possible to measure wellbeing? How serious is this index compared to GDP? What's the use of it? Will a new way of defining progress help find new solutions to the current crises? Or is there no other way of measuring happiness other than the size of one's pockets? CrossTalking with Saamah Abdallah, Mark Anielsky and Chris Snowdon.

$44 Trillion In Wall Street Bets

To put $44 Trillion into prospective, the yearly GDP of Australia is approx $1 Trillion.

on Apr 8, 2012

Peru miners trapped underground

If Gold, Silver and Copper (the money metals of all great empires) are barbarous relics of history then why do men risk their lives to mine them when they have no intrinsic value, don't pay interest and you can't eat them, simply crazy!

Thousands welcome Ron Paul at UC Berkeley

on Apr 6, 2012

Former US President Ronald Reagan once called the University of California at Berkeley a "haven for communist sympathizers," but that didn't stop GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul from campaigning on the campus. On Thursday thousands of students gathered at the University of California at Berkeley to support Ron Paul. Despite the university's liberal beliefs students showed up to support a republican. Mary Willison, volunteer organizer and Ron Paul supporter, joins us for more.

Double Standards - Cash for access and Syria

on Apr 8, 2012

Gold to reach a new all-time high this year says Commerzbank