Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rap News - The Energy Crisis

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Keiser Report: New Crypto Phenomenon Ethereum

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Published on Mar 1, 2014

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Jon Corzine of bitcoin trying to concern troll his way into a bailout and failing. And while 6 percent of all bitcoins allegedly went missing via MtGox, every year 3 percent of China's GDP goes missing into property and bank accounts in the US, Canada and Australia. They also look at a recent study that friends of Timothy Geithner were rewarded by the stock market as much as friends of Suharto were in Indonesia.

In the second half, Max interviews Charles Hoskinson, a cryptographer and one of the people behind a new crypto start up called Ethereum. They also discuss cryptography, bitcoin and maxcoin.

Update on the escalating crisis in Ukraine

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Ukraine's Crimea falls to Putin, without a shot fired


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Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Saturday for the “stabilization” of Ukraine, but it no longer matters what the events of the past three days in the Crimean peninsula are called. It’s an invasion in every sense. The soldiers without identifying insignia who took control of government buildings, airports, television stations and central junctions in Crimea have been reinforced by extremely identifiable Russian armored convoys, cargo aircraft and combat helicopters. There is nothing left to hide.

According to the website of the Russian Marine Corps, “There is no better way to rest after Sochi than coming to Crimea.” The afternoon vote by the Russian Duma authorizing the Kremlin to deploy the army throughout all of Ukraine simply confirmed the status quo.

Business people in Moscow are already preparing a $5-billion package to purchase Crimean infrastructure and set up new industries. The oligarchs owe the Kremlin their fortunes and are putting them now at Putin’s disposal.

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Dictators and their Golden Thrones

The AK-47 the goat herders best friend

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Counting the Cost : Ukraine

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