Saturday, September 29, 2012

Israeli leaders meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in NYC

Cramer: A Different Way to Play Gold

Fri 28 Sep 12 | 06:25 PM ET

Analysts Bullish on Silver

Silver Streak Not Done Yet

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Netanyahu's ACME Rocket

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Abby Martin talks about the UNGA with RT Correspondent, Anastasia Churkina.

Netanyahu U.N. Speech - 'Clear Red Line' For Iran

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Wealth Track with James Grant

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A rare interview with an influential Financial Thought Leader and financial historian. James Grant, founder and editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, will discuss why the Federal Reserve's policies of zero interest rates and massive purchases of U.S. Treasury and mortgage-backed bonds are dangerous to the economy and damaging to savers.
WealthTrack Episode 914, 09-28-12

Spanish bank stress tests move Madrid closer to bailout

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An independent audit of Spanish banks has found the country's troubled lenders would need 59.3 billion euros to stay solvent if there were a serious economic downturn in the country.

Capital Account - Heidi Moore on Market Mysticism

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Weekend Chillout - We are all Brothers in Arms

With Israel and the US banging the war drums this week to attack Iran I thought it was timely to remember we are all brothers in arms against the global elite, boarders and labels be damned.