Monday, October 21, 2013

Eric Sprott on world Gold and Silver demand

Eric discusses the massive movement of gold through Hong Kong to China, dubious scrap refining numbers and the 300% increase of Silver imports to India. Listen to the KWN interview with Eric here

IMF Proposes 10% Wealth Tax/ Gov't Bail In for EU

From SilverDoctors

Truth About Markets

Max and Stacy's weekly radio show from London.

Some of the issues in this week's show:

Michael Gove: governments must stop lying to children about life chances | Education secretary says ‘inflated’ GCSE figures were used in past to tell pupils they could go to university or get skilled work
Thousands of UK’s poor in court over non-payment of council tax: Courts across country fill up with people on lowest incomes as introduction of new council tax charges in April begins to bite
George Osborne says ‘second-rate Britain’ must rediscover its ‘can do’ attitude: Chancellor dismisses suggestions that China has a ‘sweatshop’ economy and wishes Britain would be more like the communist country

Keiser Report - Post-Kaboom Period

From RT

Published on Oct 19, 2013

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss post-kaboom period of a de-Americanized world where risk is redistributed and financial systems are re-architected away from the daisy chains of credit without collateral.

In the second half, Max interviews Leo Johnson, co-author of Turnaround Challenge: Business and the City of the Future about the three possible cities of the future: Petropolis, Cyburbia or Distributed City.

Dylan Ratigan on the Extraction of Wealth from the US

Greg Hunter - Everybody Loses Debt Ceiling Debate

From Greg Hunter