Monday, April 7, 2014

The Wall Street Code

Brilliant highly recommended documentary.

Tweet of the Week

Andy Hoffman - Documenting THE COLLAPSE


Ann Pettifor: Private banks create 95% of UK money

From Boom Bust

Breaking The Set - Spy vs Spy in the Senate

From breakingtheset
Published on Mar 12, 2014

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Senate Spygate, Kiriakou's Notes from Prison, Climate Change Terrorism, Tax Havens, and Three Years after Fukushima.

Bonus Chillout - Saskwatch

Just discovered that one of my favourite Aussie bands, Saskwatch has a new album out this coming Friday. Here is one of the tracks from the new album. For other videos of this unique band go to their youtube channel. Also here, here and here are great videos.

Paul Craig Roberts: IMF loans will hand Ukraine over to private banks

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