Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan March 23, 2012 Part 2

If you missed part one you can watch it here

on Mar 24, 2012

Brother JohnF Silver Update

Brother JohnF latest silver update and discusses my post on tungsten filled gold bars.

on Mar 24, 2012

Counting the Cost - Hong Kong: The future of Asia's financial hub

For all those who have ever lived and worked in the amazing Hong Kong.

on Mar 25, 2012

On The Edge - Soaring Oil price & weakening US economy

on Mar 24, 2012

In this edition of the show Max interviews Chris Cook; a former oil market regulator.

Chris Cook is an independent energy analyst and a former oil regulator who has the latest on energy markets. He talks about the soaring oil prices and its impacts on the weakening US economy.

He argues that the US market is in a free fall and the US has piled debt on debt. He also comments on the role of investment banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sacks, and the military threats against Iran on the oil price.