Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boom Bust - Benn Steil on the Gold Standard

From Boom Bust

Published on Jan 20, 2014

In the wake of the financial crisis that began in 2007, many have pointed a finger at the monetary system for being the ultimate genesis of financial problems that ended in crisis. Benn Steil, economic historian and author of "The Battle of Bretton Woods", takes us from the pre-1914 Gold Standard to today's fiat money dollar standard, highlighting the key issues in 8 minutes flat.

Boom Bust - Peter Schiff on Bernanke's "reckless" policy

From Boom Bust

Published on Jan 17, 2014

Peter Schiff, an investment manager who predicted the 2008 crisis, believes the United States is addicted to debt - moving from one quick fix to the next. At the top of his list of entities enabling this is the Federal Reserve. He talked to Boom Bust about debt, government debt and above all -- the Fed.

"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

I posted this video a few years ago but I just rediscovered it and it is still so topical I thought I would post it again.

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Bitcoin Myths Exposed! - A Conversation with Erik Voorhees

From Stefan Molyneux

Published on Jan 12, 2014

Bitcoin has several persistent myths about it that just refuse to die. Stefan Molyneux and Erik Voorhees dispel the myths and talk about the reality of the predominant cryptocurrency.

Erik Voorhees is the co-founder of Coinapult, worked as Director of Marketing at BitInstant, and was founder and partial owner of the Bitcoin gambling website SatoshiDice. Follow him on twitter at:

Do you hold precious metals "ammo" - or empty shell casings?

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Bottom line of Deutsche Bundesbank gold: The fingerprints are gone

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Published on Jan 21, 2014

Independent German financial journalist Lars Schall talked with Bill Holter, who works for Miles Franklin, a precious metals investment firm in the United States, about the main driver of the price of gold; the current problems of the Bundesbank with "its" gold; and China's heavy buying of physical gold.