Thursday, January 24, 2013

Huge Oil Deposit In Australia?

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" Australian resources firm Linc Energy said it had uncovered a huge oil deposit in the nation's vast outback in a discovery hailed Thursday by officials as worth some Aus$20 trillion (US$21 trillion).

Linc said two independent reviews of its three deposits in central Australia's Arckaringa Basin had estimated there was up to 233 billion barrels of shale oil trapped within its rocks."*

There is apparently a huge deposit of oil in the Australian outback, which the nation is excited about, because it may represent energy independence for them. It just leaves us soon until we invade Australia? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss the discovery.

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Cenk Uygur: Obama is A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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Rick Rule - America is too political

From Cambridge House

Cambridge House Live anchor Bridgitte Anderson has a wide-ranging conversation with billionaire financier (and Chairman of Sprott USA Holdings) Rick Rule, discussing the United States' fiscal policy, government meddling in the financial markets and the number one lesson he's learned about investing. Taped in January 2013 at Cambridge House International's Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

Australia and China Plan Joint Military Exercises

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In a bid to boost influence across the region, Australia has agreed to joint military operations with China. The WSJ's Andrew Critchlow talks about what impact this move may have.

Mining asteroids in outer space - Planetary Resource's Chris Lewicki

From Cambridge House

Planetary's Resources' President & Chief Engineer (and former NASA scientist) Chris Lewicki chats with Cambridge House Live anchor Bridgitte Anderson about his company's efforts to mine asteroids in space. His company is backed by billionaires like James Cameron, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google founder Larry Page and many other notable tech billion/millionaires. It was taped January 21, 2013, at Cambridge House International's Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

Bank of Japan Reignites Currency War Debate

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Lauren Lyster and Jim Rickards discuss the Japanese moves to cheapen their currency in the latest round of the Currency War.

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Central Banks Repatriate Gold: How Will This Affect Investors?

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Lauren Lyster and Jim Rickards discuss Germany's repatriation of gold and the implications this will have to the ongoing currency war.

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While You Are Watching Professional Sport

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What Excites Vint Cerf Most About the Web's Future?

Newcrest Cash Costs Rise to $767 Per Ounce

Apple 'A Broken Company': Jeff Gundlach

Silver Doctors + TF Metals- Gold Bank Run Coming?

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US company looks to space for precious metals


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A US company has unveiled plans to launch a fleet of spacecraft to hunt for small asteroids that pass close to Earth which might one day be mined for their precious resources.

Deep Space Industries aims to fly a series of low cost prospecting satellites in 2015 on missions of two to six months, with larger spacecraft embarking on round-trips to collect material a year later.

Asteroids vary in their compositions, but some are rich in the platinum group materials and other highly valued metals. Some asteroids are largely made from nickel-iron alloys.

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CrossTalk on Mali

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Gerald Celente - Trends Outlook for 2013