Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrats: Let's Ban Profits!

Sep 5, 2012 by SchiffReport

Posing as an anti-business crusader, Peter Schiff found a number of DNC delegates and attendees who support explicitly outlawing profitability. We deliberately avoided speaking with the occupy protestors camping outside in tents to get a more "mainstream" Democratic perspective!

Capital Account - Regaining your Economic and Financial Independence

Sep 6, 2012 by CapitalAccount

Technicals for Gold Positive

THU 06 SEP 12 | 06:50 PM ET
Jonathan Barratt, Founder of Barratt's Bulletin and Frank Holmes, CEO & CIO at U.S. Global Investors discuss the fundamentals for gold.

The Real Catalyst for AUD is Still China

Even though Australia's economy only represents 2% of the World's GDP the Aussie$ is one of the top five traded currencies in the world. Hence US analyst's interests in our currency, if little of anything else.

THU 06 SEP 12 | 07:30 PM ET
David Mann, Regional Head of Research, Americas, Standard Chartered Bank says AUD may have moved higher on the ECB's bond-buying plan, but any disappointment in China could drive the currency down.

Super Mario Draghi Delivers His `Bazooka'

Bill Gross on Gold vs Paper

Euro Zone Bond Yields React Positively to ECB

European markets reacted mostly positively after Mario Draghi outlined the ECB's bond-buying program. Martin Essex and Charles Forelle report.

James Turk on Gold, Silver and stages of a Bull Market

Brilliant interview with James Turk on European monetary easing, the demand for physical Gold and Silver and the stages of bull markets. Listen to the KWN interview here

Disgruntled S African union refuses to sign 'peace accord'

Sep 6, 2012 by

South African miners, arrested after the Marikana shooting, have been released by a Pretoria court while key players refused to sign a deal to end a deadly strike.

More than a 100 miners were held in a South African jail after being charged last week under an obscure apartheid-era security law with murdering their fellow miners, after video footage indicated that police had fired on the strikers.

On Thursday, a key union representing the strikers as well as other non-unionised workers refused to sign a peace accord to resume wage negotiations, saying that it would force them to end their strike.

Keiser Report: Interregnum of Insanity

Sep 6, 2012 by

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the world's richest woman and how the dingo stole her sanity. They talk about the children of the Crimson, kletographers and the interregnum of insanity. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Catherine Austin Fitts about Libor crimes and item number 17 on the GOP platform and what they mean for the future of the world economy.