Tuesday, November 19, 2013

David Morgan - The Fiat Money Experience is Going to Fail Globally

From silver investor.com

Indonesian President Yudhoyono starts blowing out via his Twitter account over Australia Spying on him

So much for diplomatic channels (as translated by google translate):

U.S. & Australian acts very wounding strategic partnership with Indonesia, a fellow democratic country. * SBY *

I also regret the statement PM Australia who consider lightly tapping against Indonesia, without guilt. * SBY *

and lastly my favourite:

I also deplore the statement that pooh-pooh Australian PM wiretapping of Indonesia, without the guilt. * SBY *

Precious metals, a viable alternative currency?

Mon 18 Nov 13

Jim Sinclair, Chairman of the Independent Advisory Board at the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange explains why precious metals are an alternative to fiat currencies as the U.S. heads towards hyperinflation.

Bitcoin goes to Congress

Chart from bitcoin.clarkmoody.com

Dr Stephen Leeb on Gold and China

Dr Stephen Leeb discusses the recent decisions affecting the Chinese economy, the rise of right-wing political movements in Europe and the Gold market. He also discusses the new Shanghai gold vault. Listen to the KWN interview here

Two New Yorkers Talking Economics and Gold

From Miles Franklin

Published on Nov 17, 2013

Andy Hoffman speaks to Jay Taylor from the Jay Taylor Radio Show on his weekly Podcast to discuss state of Europe and Japan, unemployment, QE, housing bubble, stock markets, inflation and deflation and debt.