Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swiss Debt Is Now Repaying Itself

This is a very bad thing, funds are so scared that they are willing to pay a premium to ensure they are holding an instrument that they feel will still be worth something between now and 2 years time.


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The Swiss National Bank may have pegged the EURCHF (and as noted earlier, is progressively accumulating losses defending the barrier - even as EURCHF options are leaning further and further towards the peg breaking), but what about its bonds? At the current rate, Swiss debt, which is quite negative, with 2 year bonds now trading at record NEGATIVE rates, will repay itself quietly in a few short decades: ahhh the benefits of compounding. And for an example of how this is done, hours ago, the government issued debt at a rate of 0.62%. Oh sorry, we forgot the negative sign.

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