Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick back up the truck, Silver is on Sale


  1. I remember reading that silver is still below it's all-time high. Jim Rogers mentioned it recently too. I'm having trouble finding out when that was though. I can't see the spike on this historical silver chart

  2. In AUD$ term the high point for both Gold and Silver (closing Ask price) in the 1980’s was on 21/01/1980.

    Gold closed on that day at AUD$752/oz

    Silver closed on that day at AUD$46.37/oz

    - in US$ I believe the high point for silver was $52/oz in Jan 1980

    - remember these are 1980 prices and should be adjusted for inflation for a true understanding of how undervalued Gold and Silver really are. I did the sums midway thru last year in this post: