Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stock market plunge in Bangladesh causes riots

From The Financial Express (of Bangladesh)
By: ANM Hamidullah

The rot started many months ago, the market finally crumbled Sunday. Between Sunday and Monday, the Bangladesh stock market lost more than 15%. For a small economy such as Bangladesh, a loss of wealth of almost US$ 7.5 billion, even on paper, is remarkable. Given the fact that many small investors flocked into the market lured by easy profit, the ripple effects would be wide-spread.

In 2010 alone, the market appreciated by 100%. In the three years (2007-2010), the average return was over 50%. The market appreciated so fast lately that the inactivity during the first part of the decade was overshadowed by the performance of the last three years, resulting in an average annual return of over 30% during this decade. Despite the current corrections, the magnitude of the return is still stupendous. In other words, nothing to feel sorry about the last two days' loss. After all in a market-based Lassiez Faire economy, nobody has the right to determine how others invest on their free own will.

However, last two years has brought in clueless investors in the market. These are investors with limited capital, limited knowledge and limited risk-taking capacity. Most diverted their funds from essential or productive activities. Most left their day jobs to ponder in the market. In other words, these people had no business partaking in this risky game. We shall keep hearing about the plight of the retired government officials, days together in the future.....read on

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